Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Spotted Kissing On Mega Yacht In Italy

Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, appear to be overjoyed now that they can be completely open about their relationship. Page Six reports that the two were seen getting hot and heavy on a mega yacht in Italy. There are pictures of them hugging and kissing as they spent time on the boat, which belongs to luxury fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg and her husband, Barry Diller.

Bezos and Sanchez started their relationship when they were both still married. As a relationship timeline published by Town and Country Magazine notes, the news of their extramarital romance emerged in an expose by The National Enquirer.

Bezos later alleged that the CEO of that tabloid newspaper's parent company, AMI, was attempting to blackmail him with the threat of releasing photos in which he's partially nude. The company also allegedly got a hold of intimate text messages shared between the couple. Bezos obliterated any chance of blackmail by sharing the photos and the alleged emails between him and AMI himself, via his blog on Medium.

He also said that he believed AMI tried to blackmail him because he hired a private investigator to look into how they acquired his personal messages and photos.

As Town and Country notes, Jeff Bezos reportedly met Lauren Sanchez because of his friendship with her former husband, prominent Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell. Both couples started socializing with each other and were even photographed at an event that promoted the movie Manchester By The Sea, a film produced by Whitesell's client, Matt Damon.

Bezos and Sanchez reportedly started out collaborating on a project tied to his space exploration company, Blue Origin. As The Blast notes, Sanchez is a helicopter pilot and owns a production company called Black Ops Aviation, which is known for recording aerial shots. The company did this kind of work for Blue Origin and captured footage of their Shepard rocket launch and landing in 2018.

Now that they are both divorced, Bezos and Sanchez have been dating each other publicly, and from their public displays of affection on the yacht, they seem very smitten with each other.

Page Six reports that the founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world turned down an opportunity to be at Google Camp this year because he was already scheduled to meet Sanchez's parents. The "camp" is actually a three-day conference in Italy that's attended by the very rich.

So, if Bezos missed this event for a first-time meeting with his girlfriend's parents, perhaps things are even more serious than they're letting on.