Kendall Jenner's Jamaica Bikini Is So Tiny, It Should Be Illegal

Kendall Jenner has put her famous body on display. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has appeared in a fresh batch of Jamaican vacation photos, with even the Daily Mail opting for the 23-year-old's "derriere [baring]" as its headline. Of course, this sun-drenched trip isn't a solo one for Kendall, with the model also having been photographed with peer and wife to Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin.

Photos obtained by the newspaper showed Kendall lounging on grassy banks that were likely poolside ones. The brunette was flaunting her Amazonian frame in a brown bikini that was definitely on the minimal side, with a thong-style bottom affording a pretty impressive view of the star's peachy rear. With string details and a halterneck tie, this two-piece didn't seem meant to hide Kendall's world-famous body. The model was seen adjusting the ties on the bikini briefs -- even the pros have to keep an eye on a tiny bikini!

Hailey, meanwhile, was seen in an orange-and-white two-piece suit with light and floral-like motifs, a contrasting look to Kendall's more sporty attire. The blonde was seen lounging and playing on her phone as Kendall stood next to her, although photos also showed Hailey post-dip: here the model looked sensational with wet hair, a beverage, and some suntan lotion.

Kendall and Hailey's vacation has already made headlines. As The Inquisitr reported recently, paparazzi images captured the beginning of this duo's vacation, with images showing the famous pair enjoying a beachfront moment and hopping aboard a water vessel.

Kendall may appear to come with all the confidence in the world, but fans may be surprised to learn that even the world's highest-paid supermodel has expressed her body insecurities. Speaking to The Telegraph, Kendall referenced her famous siblings.

"My sisters are a lot curvier than me. They have boobs and I don't have boobs. Growing up being this little twiggy girl, I saw my sisters and always thought, 'Oh no am I supposed to be more sexy like them?'" she said.

While Kendall does appear to have curves in all the right places, her frame is indeed different than those of her sisters. Kim and Khloe Kardashian, in particular, come with some of Hollywood's curviest rears, and Kendall's younger sister Kylie also appears to have inherited the family's figure. Clearly, though, Kendall's killer silhouette and flawless beauty don't detract from her appeal. The model is more in demand now than ever.

Kendall is the face of some of the world's most famous brands. She is a spokesperson for Adidas, Proactiv, Calvin Klein, and Tiffany & Co., among others.