August 31, 2019
'Big Brother' 21 Week 10 Spoilers: Houseguest Breaks Down After Nomination

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

It's not easy being on the block in Big Brother. Some houseguests handle their nominations a lot better than others, but this week a player has taken the opposite route and is starting to break down. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy were nominated for eviction by new Head of Household, Jackson Michie. Both women knew their nominations were coming as Jackson let them know ahead of time, and explained his reasoning behind it.

After the nomination ceremony, Christie stayed levelheaded while Jessica opted for the more frustrated route. The two nominees sat down together for a chat after they were put on the block, and Jessica began complaining to Christie about being up on the chopping block. @BB_Updates Twitter account documented the whole conversation from the live feeds, most of which revolved around Jessica's confusion.

"I don't know what to say or what to do to make him see anything different. I'm not going to throw people under the bus," Jessica said.

Jackson had previously mentioned to the plus-size model that she was a threat in this game and he didn't think that he could beat her should the two of them make it to the final two. Jess later revealed to Christie that it's really Tommy Bracco that Jackson should be threatened by because he will have the most votes from the members of the jury house.

"Jack would vote for Tommy, Sis would vote for Tommy. If Christie goes, Christie would vote for Tommy," Jessica told Nicole Anthony, per Twitter.

Nicole then suggested Jessica tell Jackson that theory, but she decided not to since she didn't want to "throw anyone under the bus." Unfortunately for Jessica, that could cost her the game. With only seven houseguests left, throwing people under the bus is one of the only options for survival.

Jessica also admitted to feeling sad, angry, numb and confused to Christie. Christie then replied that she has felt numb for a while since she has been crying for the last month straight.

It also didn't take long for the ladies to figure out that there was a final-four alliance between Jackson, Nicole, Holly Allen, and Cliff Hogg. This left them and Tommy out of a powerhouse, but it appears as if the alliance wants the women out first before they attempt to go after Tommy.

If one of the women wins the Power of Veto or is pulled down by another player, Jackson has commented that he will put Cliff up as a pawn to ensure whoever is still sitting on the block will go home. Cliff is aware of this scenario and has agreed with Jackson's decision.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.