August 31, 2019
Instagram Bombshell Pamela Alexandra Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her Backside In Thong Bikini

The view from behind is a great one on Pamela Alexandra's Instagram feed.

The curvy model took to her favorite picture-sharing social media site to share a racy picture with fans, showing off her backside in a very revealing green thong bikini. The Instagram photo showed Pamela walking on a beach, with the model adding the caption, "Me on my way to food, after I walk away from confrontations."

The snap was a hit with Pamela's fans, who are used to seeing her curves mostly from the front.

"YEEEEESSSSS! Finally I [sic] back shoot in bikini!!" one fan wrote.

Pamela seems to be having a lot of fun on her recent trip to Italy. The Instagram beauty tagged her post from Riccione, a town on the country's Adriatic coast that is well known for its beaches -- and its party scene.

There's plenty to show from the trip as well. Just a few hours after posting the picture of her backside in the green bikini, Pamela posted a short video that gave another glimpse of her from behind. This time, she walked in slow-motion toward a fruit tree.

Pamela is no stranger to sharing racy shots, as her Instagram feed is filled with revealing glimpses of herself in bikinis and form-fitting nightclub attire. The model frequently uses her page to promote top swimwear and fashion brands, taking advantage of her 2.5 million followers to most likely craft some lucrative partnerships.

While it's not clear exactly how much money Pamela might make from her Instagram modeling, she's likely doing pretty well for herself. At 2.5 million followers, she is among the highest tier of models, and she has a following equal to or better than others on the social media site who have the backing of major brands like Victoria's Secret. As the marketing firm DigiDay reported, Instagram influencers who turn their feeds into marketing opportunities can make a lot of money once they get a following that large. The report quoted industry experts who say these influencers typically will make about $1,000 per 100,000 followers for each post.

Aside from the money she makes from modeling, Pamela also has the chance to jet around the world for her photo shoots. Before she went to Italy this week, Pamela traveled to Brazil, Switzerland, Miami, and a previous trip to Italy -- all in this summer alone.

Those who want to see more from Pamela Alexandra can check out her Instagram feed.