August 31, 2019
'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 51 Teases Son Goku Training Ultra Instinct With Strongest Galactic Patrolman

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super featured Moro taking the life of New Namek by absorbing all of its energy. Saganbo and all the bandits who were freed from the Galactic Prison went to New Namek with the goal of helping Moro defeat Son Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Merus, Jaco, and the Galactic Patrol. Luckily, before they were killed by the enemies, Son Goku and his allies managed to escape from New Namek.

Instead of chasing Son Goku and Vegeta, Moro ordered Saganbo and his subordinates to help him find unique planets where he could absorb more energy. As a way of returning the favor for freeing them, Saganbo and the other agreed to serve Moro. They told Moro that they are well-informed about the planets in the universe since they once wreaked havoc across the entire galaxy.

After New Namek, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51 showed Moro targeting planet Zoon next. Before Moro absorbed its energy, Saganbo and his men first gathered all the treasures they could get. Despite seeing it for the second time, the bandits were still amazed to witness Moro's power. Saganbo's subordinates scattered all around the universe, giving them useful information about the planets they see, including the species living on them.

Though most of them looked committed to serving Moro, it seems like the Macareni Siblings are only trying to take advantage of the situation to achieve their own goal. After collecting the treasures from a certain planet, the Macareni Siblings lied to Saganbo about getting anything valuable. Dragon Ball Super 51 hinted at the Macareni Siblings targeting planet Earth next.

Meanwhile, the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super also featured Son Goku, Jaco, Majin Buu, and Merus arriving at the Galactic Patrol HQ. They appeared in a room where they saw the naked Galactic King. To prevent further embarrassment, the Galactic King wore his crown and started hearing the report of Merus regarding the incident at the Galactic Prison involving Moro and the other criminals.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51 showed Son Goku testing the power of Merus, who is considered the strongest member of the Galactic Patrol. Son Goku launched a quick punch, but Merus easily dodged it. Son Goku and Merus continued their fight in a room that the agents used for training. From his base form, Son Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 3, but it was still not enough to land a critical strike on Merus. The fight stopped when Son Goku tried to unleash a God-like power and almost destroyed the entire training facility.

After that, Son Goku asked Merus to train him. Son Goku is aware that Merus has yet to show his full power and he believes that the strongest Galactic Patrolman could help him master Ultra Instinct. Merus accepted Son Goku's request, but he told him that they should do it in a different location.

Meanwhile, instead of going back to the Galactic Patrol HQ, Vegeta, together with Irico, went to planet Yardtrat. Though they don't have a reputation for their fighting ability, Vegeta thinks that the Yardtratians could teach him some techniques that could be useful when they face Moro again.