Woman Pulls Gun At Walmart After Clerk Refuses $1 Coupon

Woman pulls gun at Walmart over refused coupon

Crawfordville, FL — A woman pulled a gun at Walmart after the clerk refused to honor her “dollar-off” coupon.

When 61-year-old Mary Frances Alday was told she couldn’t use an Internet coupon, she became “extremely upset” and called the assistant store manager, Tracy Stockslager,”a b**** and other foul names.” Alday then struck Stockslager with a shopping cart. As she was escorted out of the store, she told Stockslager not to follow her. Stockslager said she “was going to get her vehicle license plate number.”

Alday replied, “If you follow me, I have something in my car for you.”

Walmart employees said that Alday appeared outside her car “waving the gun in the holster” before removing the Smith & Wesson .38 Special and pointing it at the employees. The employees went back into the store “due to being in fear for their lives.”

Alday left the scene in a 2011 Ford Escape, but was later arrested during a traffic stop, during which she had to be tased to get her out of the car. Alday also allegedly hit the investigating officer several times. She faces four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of battery, one count of battery on a law enforcement officer, and one count of resisting arrest with violence.

This isn’t the first time a disgruntled shopper has pulled a gun at Walmart. On Black Friday last year, a shopper at the South Park mall in San Antonio, Texas, pulled a gun when another shopper tried to skip ahead in line. The rest of the crowd scattered, including the impatient man who tried to cut ahead. The man who pulled the gun was not charged for the incident since he had a concealed handgun license.

A more fatal incident occurred in December, when a suspected shoplifter was shot to death by an off-duty police officer. The woman who was killed was one of three suspected of stealing from the store. She and the others ran to their car and, when a police officer rushed to open the door, the women drove away. The officer then fired into the car, hitting the woman in the neck. Her two children were in the backseat.

What do you think should happen to the woman who pulled a gun at Walmart?