August 30, 2019
Hannah Palmer Spills Out Of Red String Liquid-Effect Bikini: 'Spicy'

Hannah Palmer is back on Instagram. The Maxim model and Bang Energy face has returned for another of her legendary bikini updates. Fans less familiar with Hannah won't take long to realize why this bombshell's following is on the up.

Earlier today, Hannah updated her account. Given that Hannah's last update came as a super-simple and relatively innocent black bikini with a sweet vibe from an inquisitive facial expression, fans may well agree that Hannah spicing things up was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. The Arizona native delivered her fierce curves today in what may be the world's tiniest bikini, although something about this girl always manages to pull it off.

Hannah had been photographed outdoors and in semi-profile. While the professional finish was slick, the delivery wasn't pretentious, and it never is with Hannah. The model was spilling out of a bikini that was officially setting Instagram on fire, with fans seeing an unusual finish from the two-piece. Hannah's red string bikini came adorned with sequins that afforded a liquid-effect feel, although fans likely had to peer hard to see it. Today's swimwear was minimal as they come, with thong briefs and a halterneck upper flaunting Hannah's killer frame to the max.

Hannah posed for the camera with her bombshell blonde hair down, one leg in front of the other, and the piercing and direct gaze she's so adored for.

A simple caption reminded fans that Hannah was heating things up.

It looks like the update was a proven hit. Hannah and her killer bikini racked up over 12,300 likes within just 45 minutes of going live. The same time frame brought 190 fans into the post's comments section. Words of praise seem to come easily for Hannah's fans. The model found herself showered with love, with many fans opting down the emoji route.Hannah first started drawing attention last year. The model didn't make it as Maxim's 2018 cover girl, although her fans would likely argue that she's having the last laugh. Speaking to the magazine about what she'd do with the $25,000, Hannah revealed her aspirations, per The Inquisitr.
"My dream is to open up my own business in the beauty industry that helps homeless women and women in shelters feel beautiful again! Ever since I read an article about an esthetician using her days off to go and glam up the women at a shelter, I've always wanted to do the same. Seeing somebody feel beautiful and confident again when the world keeps knocking them down is just so empowering. As women, I think this is one of the most amazing gifts we could give each other!"