‘Oz: The Great And Powerful’ Sequel To Come, All Stars Signed On

Oz: The Great And Powerful isn’t even out in theaters yet, but all of the stars have hinted that sequels are in the works. Actress and witch Mila Kunis was the first to confirm what we only suspected. During a junket for Oz, the actress said about the proposed sequels: “We’re all signed on for sequels.”

It’s not that hard to believe that Disney would go forward with Oz: The Great And Powerful. Like Alice in Wonderland, which is also distributed by Disney and produced by Joe Roth, but hasn’t yet made it to the big screen for a second time, the James Franco starring vehicle is already projected to make a big splash this weekend. As it stands right now Oz: The Great And Powerful has been projected to make $80 million in the opening weekend, making it the biggest opening film of 2013 so far. Seeing as Tim Burton and Johnny Depp haven’t recently commented about an Alice sequel, Disney may be banking on Oz and its later fairytale release Maleficent to bring in the big bucks with additional sequels.

Although the stars are signed on for sequels, that doesn’t mean they will actually come to the big screen. There’s a lot of factors surrounding the sequels from actually happening. One is its success, and two is scheduling the busy cast for the shoot. Oz: The Great And Powerful was such a laborious shoot, it was documented that organizing the actors schedules for a six month shoot proved to be a bit of a headache.

If anything, the stars of Oz seem pretty enthusiastic about gearing up for more sequels, which is certainly promising for fans. In the past Franco has commented on the potential of the film going into a franchise, while Rachel Weisz [Evanorah] said, “If there is one, I’d love to be in it.” However, one puzzling fact is that director Sam Raimi who created the world of Oz in his home state of Michigan, isn’t optioned for more sequels as of yet, which may be problematic for Michelle Williams [Glinda] who said, “Wherever Sam goes, I’ll go. I’d do anything Sam asks me to do. I’d get stuck in quicksand with him.”

Would you be up for Oz: The Great And Powerful sequels? Perhaps we’ll eventually see a young Dorothy?