Salma Hayek Cuddles Stranger's Baby & Fans Are Jealous

Salma Hayek gave her 11.1 million Instagram followers a dose of cuteness overload on Friday afternoon.

The 52-year-old actress shared an adorable collection of seven photos featuring herself enoying a very sweet interaction with a stranger's baby on the beach. In the caption of her photo collection, Hayek admitted she had fallen in love with the adorable baby.

With her bare feet covered in sand, the first photo featured a glowing Salma as she prepared to give the baby a high five. The second photo featured the actress and the baby using both of their hands to blow kisses to each other.

By the fifth photo, Hayek had snatched the adorable baby away from his family and began to cuddle him. The sixth photo featured the baby also glowing with joy as he appeared to be enjoying the cuddling he shared with the actress.

The final photo in the collection featured the baby making incredible eye contact with Hayek as she gazed back down at him.

Despite being very freshly published on her profile, the adorable collection of photos sent her followers into a frenzy. Many were quick to admit their jealousy of the baby as he sat in Salma's lap with her arms wrapped around him. With his head resting against her curvaceous bosom, several fans obsessed over how incredible Hayek looked in the skintight blue tank top.

"I think the baby was expecting breast feeding from you and I don't blame him," one of her followers jested.

"That 6th picture is literally every grown man who gets to hug salma," a second chimed in.

"In the 6th picture that baby knew how lucky he was," a third agreed.

While most fixated on how incredible Hayek looked in her snug beachwear, a few fans became overwhelmed with how perfect the legendary actress looked with a baby in her arms.

"Oh my god! Please have a baby already," one of her followers begged in a comment that was liked more than 250 times.

The comment also accumulated nearly 100 replies as her followers had lots of different opinions. Some joked that Salma should adopt them. Others insisted that they wanted to help Hayek have a baby. A few also argued about whether or not a woman Salma's age should have a baby.

While some agreed Salma was still full of life and capable of having another child, others discussed the medical risks of having a baby later in life. While being concerned about Hayek's health and the health of any future children, some reminded her that "adoption is an option."