August 30, 2019
WWE News: Former Champion Explains Turning Down WWE's Offer For More Than Double What He Was Making

With All Elite Wrestling's television debut coming up in October, there has been a lot of scrambling for promotions to lock up their talent. WWE has been offering its superstars bigger and longer contracts to keep them away from the competition, but money isn't always everything to a wrestler. One former champion said he actually turned down an offer for more than twice what he was making, but he has his reasons.

Rhyno is a longtime veteran in the world of professional wrestling, and he's been a part of numerous promotions around the world. He had been with WWE for a number of years. Yet, after his contract recently expired, he moved on and re-signed with Impact Wrestling for another run with the company.

As a matter of fact, Rhyno showed back up with Impact almost immediately after his contract with WWE expired, but he has since said that all was well. There was no ill will on either side and he actually parted ways with WWE on good terms, which works well for anyone wanting to stay relevant in the profession.

Earlier this summer, Rhyno's reappearance in Impact Wrestling shocked a lot of people, but he had his reasons. He simply felt as if he was worth more than money and wanted to be an asset to the roster that they have in place.

Rhyno and Heath Slater head to the ring during their time as a tag team.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc., Rhyno revealed that his relationship with WWE was really great and he liked working with Heath Slater. Still, he had to do what was best and most important for him, and that wasn't just making a lot of money.

"It was a great experience with WWE; they treated me great. I enjoyed wrestling with [Heath] Slater, tagging with Slater, traveling with Slater, he's got kids. And you know, we talked about re-signing and they offered me more than double what I was making. Way more than double."
Despite the possibility of making more than double his previous salary, Rhyno said he simply didn't want to go that route. He believes his job is to help out younger wrestlers and attempt to discover "guys like The Rock, the next Stone Cold, and all that."

By working with Impact Wrestling and in different independent promotions, Rhyno feels as if his use will be much more applicable than if he had stayed with WWE. Many superstars and wrestlers feel as if the quintessential thing to do in the profession is be signed by WWE and to make a lot of money. To some people, that is the most important thing, but others feel growing the sport is on a higher level.