August 30, 2019
Jenna Dewan Flaunts Her Insane Body In Skimpy Bikini On The Beach

Brunette bombshell Jenna Dewan recently went on vacation with her partner, Steve Kazee, and gave her 5.6 million Instagram followers a glimpse into their sunny adventures. Yesterday, she shared a snap of Kazee sipping a frosty drink with a lime on the rim, sunglasses on and a straw hat to cover his face from the sun's rays.

In her latest picture, she tantalized her fans in a shot in which she flaunted her incredible body, honed through years and years of dance. While the picture she shared of Kazee appeared to be at a pool within a resort somewhere, the snap she took of herself had her spread out on the beach. The beauty didn't even bother to bring a towel before lying down, instead enjoying the feel of the sand on her skin.

She rocked a tiny patterned bikini that left little to the imagination, and posed in a position where one leg was stretched out and the other was bent. Her arms laid by her sides and she covered her face with a straw hat to protect her face from the sunshine while her body soaked up the summer sun.

Dewan admitted in the caption that she was trying to enjoy every last moment of her vacation while she could.

Her fans loved the glimpse into her trip. In fact, the snap received more than 8,000 likes within less than half an hour, including a like from Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi.

"Looks relaxing," one fan said.

Another called Dewan "one very beautiful and incredibly stunning lady."

Another fan complimented both Dewan's physique and her skills on screen, and posed a question in her comment.

"Where can I buy your body?! Lol #bodygoals. I admire you and your beautiful soul!! Just curious will you be doing any more acting projects?! #biggestfan."
One fan complimented Dewan's stunning face, which wasn't even visible in the shot

"I know you're not hiding that perfectly sculpted symbol of beauty you have called a face," the fan said.

Fans who simply can't get enough of the dancer turned actress should make sure that they're following Dewan on YouTube as well. Her channel has more than 400,000 subscribers, and as she states on her channel's home page, she puts out new videos every two weeks.

Some of her latest videos include a vegan snack taste test, date night makeup tutorial, live Q & A and much more. Dewan gives her fans an inside scoop about everything on her channel, from her diet to the dance routines she choreographs or performs in.