Emily Ratajkowski Pops Out Of Ultra-Racy Bikini That's Way Too Small For Her

Buxom babe Emily Ratajkowski put her busty assets on full display in her latest Instagram post. On Friday, the gorgeous Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model bared her Internet-famous cleavage and more as she poured into the teeniest bandeau bikini, leaving fans drooling over her smoking-hot look.

A photo shared earlier today on the Instagram page devoted to Emily's beachwear and lingerie brand, Inamorata Woman, showed the 28-year-old hottie rocking an ultra-racy cheetah-print bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Made up of an outrageously tiny strapless top and a very revealing high-cut, high-waist bottoms, the risque beach item did very little to cover up Emily's jaw-dropping figure -- leaving her killer curves all but completely exposed.

In classic Emily Ratajkowski style, the brunette bombshell unabashedly flaunted her insane beach body in the daring bikini, flashing some serious skin in the scanty two-piece ensemble. Closely cropped to her torso and lower body, the snap had everyone eyeing Emily's buxom curves, which were barely contained by the minuscule top.

Although the skimpy garment did effectively censor her bountiful bosom, it was clearly too small for Emily's shapely chest. The sizzling supermodel spilled out of the itty-bitty top, showing a whole lot of cleavage and underboob in the provocative bathing suit. To make matters even more sweltering, a knotted detail strategically narrowed the bandeau top in the front, exposing even more tanned skin and further luring the gaze toward Emily's deep cleavage.

Emily showed more than just her perky bust in the scandalous bikini. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model also showcased her curvy hips in the high-cut thong. The high-waisted design accentuated her spectacularly toned midriff, beautifully flattering her hourglass figure. Likewise, her chiseled thighs were also on display, as was her incredible thigh gap.

Just like the top, the bottoms also featured a knotted detail that called even further attention to her enviable curves.

Even though Emily's face was cropped out of the photo, fans immediately recognized their favorite supermodel in the hot pic. To help matters, the stunning brunette wore her signature pendant necklace – a unique, custom-made piece of jewelry gifted to her by her husband on her birthday. Emily originally debuted the necklace on Instagram more than a month after her June 7 birthday.

As many of her fans will remember, this is not the first time that Emily has modeled the cheeky animal-print bikini on Instagram. The dark-haired beauty recently showed off the show-stopping two-piece in a photo shared to the Inamorata Woman page last week, as reported by The Inquisitr at the time.

Before that, Emily showcased the cheetah-print swimsuit in another snap that showed what the thong bikini looked like from behind. Posing in the bathroom mirror, the ravishing Vogue model turned her back to the camera and flashed her peachy booty in the barely there bathing suit.While both shots were captured indoors, the newly posted photo was taken at the beach. Snapped on the white sand with the frothy sea stretching in the background, Emily slayed the beach-babe look as she modeled the bikini. The sizzling brunette held a bright-yellow ping pong paddle in her hand, which complemented the palette of her orange-and-black two-piece.

The smoldering photo had fans flocking to the comments section to offer their opinion on the racy bikini. Plenty of followers found the look appealing, as shown by the flurry of compliments that started pouring in as soon as the photo went live.

"There's nothing that doesn't look good on this lady!" one person wrote under the steamy photo.

"All about this print," was a second reply, followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

"Love this print," read a third message, trailed by a string of yellow and black heart emoji, which were specifically chosen to mirror the swimsuit's color scheme.

"Not a want but a need," commented a fourth fan.

However, not everyone was won over by Emily's risque look. Some were critical of the skin-baring bikini and found the design too NSFW.

"I love the energy but are these suits realistic???????" asked one person.

"That is not chic it's vulgar," penned another.

"I can't believe this is viewed as okay, she is practically nude, and people [wonder] why they are sexually targeted," opined a third Instagram user.

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