Chanel West Coast Shuts Down Instagram In Plunging White Swimsuit, Pin-Up Hair & Diamonds

Chanel West Coast's ever-changing looks just keep on coming. The "Sharon Stoned" rapper is definitely one of Instagram's most-varied faces – with hair that changes color more often than Kylie Jenner, this music and television face is as much known for switching it up as she is her unique laugh. Chanel has appeared on her social media for some new music promo, and fans seemed to love it.

On Friday, Chanel updated her account. The rapper posted a still image with video editing. Given that Chanel appeared glamorously posing on a yacht, the wave-effect finish was both apt and eye-catching. Chanel went full bombshell with her look. The plunging white swimsuit, tight-curled hair, and a goddess-like pose with the rapper's head thrown back gave a Marilyn Monroe feel. The Ridiculousness star appeared to be bronzing herself as she leaned back at the edge of the yacht, with closed eyes and a semi-folded leg adding even more glam.

Of course, Friday's look ticked boxes in the wardrobe department. In addition to flashing a healthy amount of skin via the glamorous one-piece, Chanel joined in on the hip-hop-adored diamonds trend. Nautical-shaped earrings in chunky jewels matched a similar motif from a necklace – given the title of Chanel's new and caption-mentioned track, it all added up.

This update didn't go unnoticed. Over 5,600 views were clocked within one hour of the update going live. Early fan responses seemed to suggest an audience pumped for the rapper's latest track.It's been a pretty big year for Chanel and music. Each release seemed to have brought out a different look from the artist. "Sharon Stoned" ushered in dominatrix vibes from a black leather corset and poker-straight peroxide locks, although the bold red backdrop that Chanel was shot against for the track's promo seemed to be the cherry on the cake.

Following "Sharon Stoned," Chanel released "Old Fashioned." The dominatrix looked vanished, instead finding itself replaced with Old Western themes and cowgirl looks. This month has seen Chanel wear emerald greens for a release – clearly, the chameleon inside this star is alive and well.

Chanel's Instagram has been heavily leaning towards promoting her music this summer, although not all updates came as a track heads-up. Fans have been seeing Chanel's fun swimwear looks, influencer moments, and her recent MTV VMAs appearance.

Chanel has 3.2 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see what Chanel comes up with next should follow her account.