Alan Dershowitz Believes Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide, Said It Was His 'Best Way Out'

High-profile defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, who helped convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein secure his lenient 13-month sentence back in 2008, believes that Epstein ultimately committed suicide. Dershowitz thinks Epstein saw this drastic measure as his only escape from prison, having made the comment during an interview on Brian Ross Investigates on the Law & Crime network.

"But my own view is that he had made a decision that he would probably spend the rest of his life in prison," he said. "He couldn't bear that reality, and he decided the best way out for him was to take his own life."

Dershowitz claims that he has "no doubts" that Epstein committed suicide but says he keeps an "open mind."

Other aren't so convinced. Chauntae Davies, who accused Epstein of sexually assaulting her, revealed on CBS This Morning that she doesn't completely believe the story of Epstein's suicide.

"I'm absolutely suspicious of it," she said. "His ego was so large and he was so manipulative and so intelligent that I really strongly believe that he still thought he was going to get out of it."

Per The New Yorker, Dershowitz wrote a 1985 article in the Gainesville Sun in which he said that men who hire women for sexual services shouldn't be arrested. Interestingly, Dershowitz said he believes that the women providing the sexual services should be arrested.

Dershowitz has been accused of forcing Virginia Roberts Giuffre to have sexual intercourse with Epstein. Although Dershowitz claims she is lying, Giuffre is suing him for defamation. Regardless, Dershowitz continued to attack her on Thursday.

"It's a horrible thing to be accused like this," he said before calling the allegations against him "vicious lies."

Per The Inquisitr, a new Emerson College poll reveals how conflicted Americans are about Epstein's death. The data reveals that just 33 percent of participants believe that Epstein committed suicide, and another 33 percent believe he was murdered; thirty-two percent of respondents were unsure. Of the Democrats polled, 38 percent believe that Epstein committed suicide and 26 percent think he was murdered, while 46 percent of Republicans think he was murdered and 26 percent believe he killed himself.

The charges against Epstein were formally dropped on Thursday. However, the conspiracy charge in his case suggests possible co-defendants, and prosecutors vowed to continue fighting for justice for Epstein's alleged victims. As of now, it remains uncertain if the many people linked to Epstein — including his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and Dershowitz — will be charged.

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