'Sports Illustrated' Hottie Robin Holzken Blows Instagram A Kiss In Fiery Orange Bikini

Sometimes, a kiss is all it takes. Dutch model Robin Holzken has appeared on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's Instagram page. The brunette beauty has quite a history with the magazine: given that Robin has rocked some epic bikinis for the publication, it's of little surprise that doors are wide open to welcome her back.

Friday's post came as a video loop. Anyone a little mesmerized by Robin blowing the camera a kiss will likely be grateful that the finish showed the brunette appearing to do it over and over. The video showed Robin shot in a natural and earthy setting with natural daylight bathing her entire frame. The wilderness feel was marked, although fans might well argue that a swimwear model planted in dusty surrounds makes a change from Instagram's more popular infinity pools and luxe backdrops.

Robin's bikini was just as high on the wow factor. The star had opted for a fiery orange two-piece with a bandeau-like top and high-waisted briefs – while the finish was somewhat conservative for a Sports Illustrated face, it was definitely sexy. The model's long limbs were looking veritably Amazonian. Fans also saw Robin's flat stomach, toned arms, and golden tan. A chunky and bejeweled necklace added extra flourishes – with a little glitter, the finish appeared perfect.

The update definitely racked up the views: over 6,200 were clocked within two hours of going live.

Robin's own Instagram comes with quite a level of prestige. The model's bio introduces her as being affiliated with prestigious Elite Models and The Society, in addition to mentioning her NYC location. As for the content on Robin's feed, it's Instagram gold. The model's updates show travel logs, city hangouts, beach settings, and bikinis, with many a low-frills snap making a change from the typical swimwear face's account. Animals are also featured, which the model mentioned in her interview with Sports Illustrated.

"Growing up in Holland was great. Where I grew up everything was a lot more green and I miss that in New York. There were more cows and sheep where I grew up, you don't get a lot of that New York. There's also always something going on in New York, which can drive you crazy but also be really cool. Holland is a little bit more slow."
"I've always loved dogs. I love animals," she added.

Robin has 367,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of her should give her account a follow.