'Big Brother 21:' Bella Wang Shades Nick Maccarone After He Declares He Loves Her On Eviction Night

Things are going to get very awkward for Nick Maccarone on finale night when Big Brother Season 21 concludes next month. Nick is under the impression he is still on good terms with his showmance partner, Bella Wang, who was evicted before making it into the jury. Things seemed to be okay until Nick was spotted snuggling with everyone in the BB house, and Bella had enough. She spoke out against his behavior on Twitter. Of course, Nick isn't privy to her feelings and he's in for a rude awakening when the whole group reunites in September.

After Nick cozied up to Analyse Talavera several weeks ago shortly after Bella was given the boot, Bella seemingly confirmed her relationship with Nick was over in a shocking tweet, which was previously reported on by The Inquisitr.

"I understand firsthand how being in the BB house can cause houseguests to feel extremely close to each other. Unfortunately, at this time, I can no longer support Nick and his actions. NO ONE deserves to feel second in a relationship," Bella wrote.

So when Nick was giving his speech to convince his houseguests to stay, he gave a shoutout to Bella, which had viewers cringing.

Nick and Bella embrace in the Big Brother house
CBS | Sonja Flemming

"Isabella, I love you so much. I can't wait on finale night to kiss your little face. I see how you are really sly and you took my cross, you little turd," Nick proclaimed.

Some fans immediately flocked to Bella's Twitter account to see how she responded to Nick's statements, and it looks like she threw a little bit of shade at his speech.

"No, lol don't talk about me please," she tweeted.

The tweet from Bella was one of her most liked to date, receiving over 1,200 likes and 55 retweets. Although she didn't mention Nick specifically, the tweet came immediately after he made his plea speech to the rest of the houseguests.

Nick and Bella will reunite for the first time on finale night, and viewers will have a front-row seat to their first interaction. Since CBS producers are likely aware of Bella's current feelings towards Nick, they might have the houseguests interact before the winner is announced. On several past seasons of Big Brother, the jury house has sat on one side of the stage, while the first evicted houseguests sit on another. The two groups do not embrace one another until after the winner is revealed, but if the producers opt for this set-up, there could be a major conversation between Nick and Bella which is moderated by host Julie Chen.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.