August 30, 2019
WWE News: Pete Dunne Criticizes This Year's PWI 500 List And Dave Meltzer's Star Rating System

One of the topics of conversation in the wrestling world this week is the PWI 500. Every year, the Pro Wrestling Illustrated-compiled list documents the wrestlers who industry insiders believe to be the very best wrestlers on the planet. Naturally, it always spurs debate among those who have strong opinions about sports entertainment.

One wrestler who isn't a fan of the list is WWE superstar Pete Dunne. As documented by WrestleTalk, the current NXT talent — who didn't make the top 10 — took to Twitter to criticize the list and those who take it seriously.

"Imagine sitting there and writing a list of 500 wrestlers based off a completely random criteria and then imagine people actually caring. Don't get me started on star ratings. Wrestling is mad sometimes, just find what you like and watch it often."
As you can see from the tweet, he also took a shot at Dave Meltzer's famous star rating system. While the legendary wrestling journalist has never claimed that his system is anything more than a reflection of his personal opinion and taste, it's widely regarded in the industry as the main barometer of quality when it comes to matches.

It's clear that Dunne doesn't approve of lists of star ratings. Instead, he wants fans to watch wrestling and support the performers, companies, and matches they enjoy the most. At the same time, some fans interpreted his tweet as a diss toward the performers who made the top 10.

One fan cc'd the No. 1 entry, Seth Rollins, into Dunne's tweet. The NXT rookie was quick to quash any potential beef, however, as he responded by stating that "The Architect" deserved to be acknowledged for his brilliance.

"He deserves all the credit he gets and more. Since people give the list value I'm very glad he's number 1. Doesn't mean I understand why anyone gives a random list of 500 wrestlers value. Stop being silly, go watch some wrestling."
Rollins, meanwhile, was honored to be featured in the top spot for the second year in a row. Per WrestleTalk, the current Universal Champion told Pro Wrestling Illustrated that he's always wanted to be in the conversation about who's the best wrestler in the world.
Overall, this year's top 10 list was dominated by WWE superstars, but it also included some notable performers from New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. Check it out below.

1. Seth Rollins2. Daniel Bryan3. AJ Styles4. Kofi Kingston5. Kazuchika Okada6. Johnny Gargano7. Roman Reigns8. Kenny Omega9. Hiroshi Tanahashi10. Will Ospreay