Lindsay Lohan Thrills Fans As She Dances To Her New Song 'Xanax'

Lindsay Lohan delighted her die-hard fans this week when she posted a set of videos to social media of herself dancing to her brand new song, "Xanax."

As many fans already know, Lindsay Lohan has released two studio albums — Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw) — but she hasn't released any new music in over a decade. Until now, that is.

The Mean Girls star announced her first single, "Xanax," this week and gave fans a sneak peek of the song as she danced around, seemingly working on some choreography for the tune.

In the videos, LiLo had her long, red hair parted down the middle and styled in wavy strands as she donned a white shirt and a flowing skirt with a thick belt. She also rocked knee-high boots, a bracelet on her wrist, and a dainty chain with a large circle pendant around her neck.

"I don't like the parties in L.A. I go home in a bad mood, pass out, wake up alone. Just to do it all over again," Lindsay is heard singing.

"I can't be in this club. It's too crowded and I'm f***ed. Ain't nobody here for love, ain't nobody care about us. I got social anxiety, but you're like Xanax to me. Social anxiety, when you kiss me I can't breathe," she continues.

Of course, Lindsay Lohan's fans went wild over the new track and took to the comment section to share their love for her latest song.


"GRAMMY," another stated.


"OK this song is a bop," another fan gushed.

"Give us the bops, Miss Lohan!!!!!" one comment read.

"Give me that single young lady!" another demanded.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay Lohan's music career was a bit short-lived. The actress did release two albums with Casablanca Records. Released in 2004, Speak reached No. 4 on the Billboard charts with hits such as "Rumors" and "Over."

A year later she released her second album, which boasted tunes such as "Confessions of a Broken Heart" and covers of "I Want You to Want Me" and "Edge of Seventeen."

While Lohan's loyal fans know and love her music, she is much more recognized for her work in films like Freaky Friday, Georgia Rule, Just My Luck, and The Parent Trap.

Perhaps Lindsay Lohan's return to music may also spark her return to film. Only time will tell.