'World's Sexiest Woman' Caprice Bourret Goes Topless In Hay With A Red Rose In Her Mouth

Caprice Bourret's career likely didn't make a landmark impression on Americans. Caprice was born in the U.S., but she moved to the U.K. in 1996. With a status as the "world's sexiest woman" from The News of the World, per The Sun though, this blonde more than made her mark over in Europe. Now age 47, Caprice features on British reality show Celebs on the Farm, and knowledge of that is likely a useful pointer when considering the blonde's latest social media update.

Caprice took to Instagram yesterday. The model and businesswoman posted two images of herself from Celebs on the Farm. If anything was screaming rearing and animals, it was this set of hay-set images.

The right photo showed Caprice posing by a white-painted farm gate with two males and an adult dressed in a fun animal suit. Caprice herself was looking stylish and apt for the setting in a ripped pair of jeans, chunky black boots, and a white T-shirt bearing a logo. The left image definitely heated things up, though. Here, the model had removed her shirt and placed a long-stemmed red rose in her mouth, with the star appearing to hold an adorable lamb to cover her modesty.

Not what fans might have expected from Caprice, but this fun-loving star is no regular deal.

Fans definitely seemed to have received the update well.

"Watching you every night gorgeous," one said.

"Looking like a true champion in that @wbcboxingshirt, Lady Cap. Ageless beauty lives forever!" another added.

"Wow only you can carry this off" was another comment.

Those less familiar with Celebs on the Farm may see a similarity when referencing The Simple Life starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The British show takes celebrities, who may well be used to the finer things in life, and has them care of farm animals, drive tractors, and clear out a fair amount of farm muck.Caprice has made a name for herself on reality television before. The model took part in The Jump some years back, although her participation tied in with health troubles. Caprice was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Speaking to Hello, Caprice revealed her ordeal.
"I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I found out while I was competing in the show and boy, was it more horrific than any of the challenges. The Jump saved my life. I had headaches that were not going away and my vision was beginning to act up so the show's production insisted I see their doctor."