August 30, 2019
Iskra Lawrence Shares 'Yummy' Snap Of Herself In Pink Lingerie

Body positivity model Iskra Lawrence is ready to party after earning a cover spot on Glamour as well as the title of one of the world's "new supermodels." It is a crowning achievement for the blonde beauty, who has often faced discrimination because of her size and her commitment to showing "real" bodies. To celebrate, the blonde beauty posted a picture of herself to Instagram in pink lingerie.

The blonde bombshell has taken a vocal stand against unrealistic beauty standards, and two of her most admired positions are promising to never retouch her own photos, and showing her own imperfections, such as acne and cellulite -- the latter of which the model has coined #celluLIT.

In the latest double post, Iskra doesn't shy away from showing a little bit of her "soft" tummy, which she calls "yummy." In the first picture, she is posed on the bed, with her weight on one arm. The top of her lingerie set is a pink lace bralette, which emphasizes the hint of a golden tan. Iskra completes the look with matching panties.

The post goes heavy on the "just got out of bed" vibes, as a crumpled blanket hugs Iskra's legs and she wears no makeup and slightly mused hair. Her sole accessory is a dainty gold necklace.

The second picture features a close up of her cleavage, while also showing a glimpse of her lips.

The photo earned over 190,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments.

"So stunning, natural beauty," wrote one fan.

"You're an actual goddess! This set looks soooo good on you," added another.

Other users wrote in to express their gratitude that Iskra was spreading body acceptance on social media, where size zero figures oftentimes dominate the landscape.

"I needed to hear that this morning - thank you," wrote in a user with a red heart emoji.

"Thank you for always keeping it real Iskra, so many of us struggle with body image issues... Thank you! You inspire me and I love you!" echoed a second.

Iskra appears to be a fan of the pink bralette, as it was the second time she wore it this week. Earlier, she had posted a picture of herself wearing the item with a trendy oversized denim jacket while at a photoshoot in a ball pit that featured stunning sky-colored balls.

The color of the ball pit emphasized her blue eyes and beautifully played off her golden tan and blonde hair.

The photo earned nearly 95,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments.