August 30, 2019
'Big Brother 21' Spoilers: A New Head Of Household Winner Is Crowned And Nomination Buzz Begins

It's week 10 in the Big Brother 21 house and spoilers regarding Thursday night's Head of Household endurance competition have emerged. Nick Maccarone was evicted in a unanimous vote and now it's going to be tough for the remaining alliances to fly under the radar. What's the latest in the BB21 house?

As Big Brother Network details, Jessica Milagros was the first one to drop off the wall about 30 minutes into the competition. Cliff Hogg dropped about 15 minutes later and Christie Murphy was down a minute after that.

Nicole Anthony desperately wanted to win this HOH, but she fell from the wall about six minutes after Christie. She cried as Jackson Michie and Tommy Bracco battled it out for another few minutes. Jackson told Tommy that he didn't care which of them won, and a few minutes later, Tommy fell. That means that Jackson is the HOH for Week 10.

Big Brother spoilers tease that there was a lot of buzzing among the houseguests after the HOH competition. Jackson told Cliff and Nicole that he wanted to throw the competition to Nicole, but when she fell before Tommy he felt that he had no choice. Jackson has led Tommy to believe that he won't be nominated, and it looks as if that is the plan for now.

As Jackson talked with Cliff, Holly Allen, and Nicole, he focused on nominating Christie and Jess. He insisted that Jess should be the target, but Cliff isn't necessarily convinced. Essentially, Jackson worries that if Jess is around, she'll specifically go after the guys. If Tommy is evicted next, that means Jackson and Cliff are in trouble.

Right now, Jackson and Holly insist that they are in a Final 4 alliance with Cliff and Nicole. However, as Twitter spoiler account "Big Brother Daily" details, Jackson did tell Holly privately that they can shift wherever the power is next week. If Jess is gone, they figure they can align with either Christie and Tommy or Cliff and Nicole, depending on who wins HOH.

Nicole and Cliff did talk about this briefly Thursday night. They plan to stick with Jackson and Holly, but Big Brother spoilers suggest that they're aware that they need to stay sharp and watch for signs that Jackson and Holly are shifting toward Tommy and Christie.

It looks like Tommy will definitely be gunning for the veto during the weekend competition. If he could win and save Christie, that could potentially shake things up.

Granted, Big Brother spoilers detail that Jackson wants to see Jess evicted over Christie, and Cliff offered that he could be a pawn nominee if needed. Christie has been told by Jackson that she's not his target, but it doesn't look like she'll let herself get too comfortable with that.

Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 21 spoilers as they develop over the weekend. The finale is right around the corner and things are going to get pretty intense as these remaining houseguests try to stay in the game.