August 30, 2019
Yanet Garcia's Camo Bra & Pigtail Braids Set Instagram On Fire

Yanet Garcia loves to delight her fans by sharing a number of sexy photos on her account and that's exactly what she did yesterday.

As those who follow the social media star know, Garcia was dubbed "The World's Hottest Weather Girl" and she has gained a ton of fame on Instagram, racking up over 11 million followers in a short time. She shares a wide-range of photos on her page, including some images from work and other bikini-clad and fashion-forward photos mixed in.

In the most recent photo on her account, Garcia sits on a metal bench and looks off into the distance. The model appears to be under a suspended road in the shot. The photo is taken at a side-angle and she shows off her amazing figure while clad in a camo-colored bra and khaki-colored pants that fit her like a glove.

The stunner's toned and tanned tummy is visible in the shot. She completes the look with a pair of black sneakers. Garcia also wears a pair of pigtail braids and covers the majority of her face with a pair of large, black sunglasses.

In just a few short hours of the image going live on her page, it's earned her a lot of attention from fans with over 150,000 likes in addition to 400-plus comments.

Many of Garcia's followers commented on the image to let her know that she looked amazing while countless others chimed in with heart, flame, and heart-eye emoji. A few others just let Garcia know that they were huge fans. The comments were a mix of English and Spanish.

"Your back is on fire," one fan commented with a series of flame emoji.

"You're glowing, girl," another follower chimed in.

"Mexico City in its new phase!!" another fan pointed out.

Over the past few weeks, Garcia has been putting on a NSFW display for fans by sharing a number of different photos on her feed. The Inquisitr recently shared that she appeared to be walking out of a salon of some sort, looking happy for the photo op. The weather girl wore her long, dark locks at her sides in pigtail braids while also sporting a face full of makeup that came complete with eyeliner, mascara, blush, lip gloss, and highlighter. She carried a large drink in one hand and showed off her killer figure in a pink sweater and Daisy Dukes.

That shot racked up over 286,000 likes.