August 30, 2019
Abby Dowse Flaunts Her Famous Curves In White Lingerie

Abby Dowse's latest Instagram update had her followers thinking she was a vision in white. In Friday morning's post she wore a set of lacy lingerie that showcased her incredible figure.

Dowse was laying on a bed with a soft, white comforter beneath her in the selfie. She took the photo from above, capturing the length of her body. The white lingerie she wore was sexy as well as feminine. Because the angle of the shot was closer to her head, Dowse's breasts took center stage. The bra had a low cut, which accentuated her voluptuous chest. She wore a pendant necklace that drew the eye to her cleavage. The panties were a bikini cut that showed plenty of the model's smooth skin. With one knee bent, the pose also showed the stunner's slim waist and the curve of her hips. Dowse's bronze skin glowed in the white color that surrounded her. The snap did not show all of the beauty's face — only her parted, pink lips could be seen.

The beauty's fans were impressed with the shot, with many leaving only the word "wow" in the comments.

One admirer told Dowse the shot was breathtaking while another told her she was "gorgeous in white."

One fan declared his love for Dowse, and another said she was "something else."

"Bronze and white is perfect!!" one follower commented.

"Too much!!!!!" said one fan.

Scrumptious," one admirer wrote.

"Now this is a selfie," said one follower.

Dowse does seem to have a knack for taking incredible selfies. Earlier this month, she shared a post in which she wore a shimmery silver bikini that left little to the imagination.

The Australian bombshell always manages to look fantastic in her shots, many of which push the boundaries of Instagram's limits. From strappy ensembles to flirty dresses, Dowse knows how to work the camera. This summer, she has given her admirers plenty to get excited about.In Friday's post, Dowse plugged Lounge lingerie, which will be launching a new line of sets. The Instagram sensation also models a variety of clothing for the Fashion Nova brand. By far, bikinis seem to be her favorite thing to wear, and a quick scroll through her Instagram page shows that she has molded a variety of two-pieces in different colors and styles.

Fans who don't want to miss what Dowse might post next can follow her Instagram account.