August 30, 2019
Police Say Thai Man Waited 50 Years For Revenge On School Bully, Shooting Him Dead At High School Reunion

A 69-year-old Thai man waited almost an entire lifetime to get revenge on his school bully, with police saying he shot the man dead at a 50-year reunion.

As the Metro reported, police are searching for Thanapat Anakesri after the elderly man reportedly opened fire on a former classmate at a school reunion in the town of Ang Thong in central Thailand. The report noted that the group of former students had just sat down together at a restaurant when the man confronted his former bully, a 69-year-old named Suthat Kosayamat.

A fellow classmate who organized the reunion said he knew that Anakersi had harbored ill will toward his former tormentor, but didn't believe he would act out violently against him.

"Thanapat would get drunk then often talk about how angry he was about being bullied by Suthat. He never forgot about it," Tuean Klakang told local media outlets. "But as these things happened such a long time ago, I would never have imagined that he would have killed his friend like this. We are all shocked by it."

The story garnered some international attention this week, with news outlets outside of Thailand picking up on the strange circumstances of the killing. This is not the first time a death involving an alleged bully has attracted viral interest. Back in 2016, a 12-year-old boy named Dominick Gallegos died after he collapsed during a soccer practice at his school, but the father said afterward that it was actually the fault of the boy's bully.

School officials told family members that Dominick lost consciousness after he collided with another student and fell to the ground, Fox News reported. But students who witnessed the incident said that after the boy slipped and fell to the ground, another student kicked and stomped on Dominick's chest, prompting the boy to pass out.

"We were playing soccer, and he slipped to the ground. Then he got stomped and kicked in the stomach," Brian Salas, 11, told The Sun (via Fox News). "We all ran over to shake him."

Students believe that the other student, described in reports as a bully, was trying to shake the boy to wake him up. Dominick never regained consciousness, and died after being taken to a hospital.

In Thailand, police are still searching for Thanapat Anakesri for allegedly shooting his school bully to death, and believe he may be hiding out in a neighboring province.