Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Fox News Host Laura Ingraham As 'Neo-Nazi Fan Favorite'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got into a heated spat with Laura Ingraham on Twitter, calling the Fox News host a "neo-Nazi fan favorite."

As Newsweek reported, the spat between the Bronx congresswoman and the Fox News personality started when Ocasio-Cortez was criticized by a First Amendment watchdog group for blocking people on Twitter. When she tweeted a defense, saying that she had only blocked fewer than 20 people and it was only because they were harassing her, Ingraham took the opportunity to mock Ocasio-Cortez's grammar flub.

Ingraham took issue with Ocasio-Cortez saying that she had blocked "less than" 20 people, pointing out that she should have written "fewer than" instead. This appeared to touch a nerve with the Democratic congresswoman, who attacked Ingraham in return.

"See? You're a neo-Nazi fan favorite and I don't block you for defending white supremacist viewpoints and mocking gun violence survivors," she tweeted.

Laura Ingraham has long faced accusation that she uses racially charged language on her Fox News show, and found herself in considerable controversy earlier this year when she used her show to defend notorious white supremacist Paul Nehlen. On her show, Ingraham Angle, the Fox News host had displayed a graphic showing prominent conservative voices who had been censored on social media. One of those included on the list was Paul Nehlen, a congressional candidate who has openly advocated neo-Nazi views.

The segment led to a massive backlash online and prompted a number of advertisers to back out. The photo-printing service Fracture even issued a statement condemning the segment.

"Last night one of our ads aired during an episode of The Ingraham Angle during which Laura Ingraham expressed alarming views that run entirely counter to the values that we hold as a company," the statement read. "We are taking this matter very seriously and as a result we are taking swift action."

Laura Ingraham also faced a boycott last year after she took to Twitter to mock Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg after he shared that he had been rejected from a preferred college. Hogg himself then led a boycott of Ingraham that led to many advertisers cutting ties with her.

It was not clear if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could face any repercussions for blocking some of her Twitter followers. A federal judge last year had ruled that Donald Trump could not block anyone on his Twitter feed because the social media outlet is a "designated public forum," CNBC noted. The same watchdog group that led the lawsuit against Trump, the Knight First Amendment Institute, was the one that called out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for her own Twitter blocks.