Jada Pinkett Smith Glows In Safari Snap From The Serengeti

Stunning actress Jada Pinkett Smith surprised her 8.7 million Instagram followers with her latest snap, which was a photo taken from an African safari. Pinkett Smith is currently on a safari in the Serengeti, according to the caption of the post, and shared a picture in which she was absolutely glowing.

Pinkett Smith had her hair loose in light blond braids, and dressed for practicality rather than style for the adventure. She rocked a zip-up sweatshirt with a jacket layered over top of it, and had a hat over her hair to protect her from the sunshine.

Pinkett Smith kept her makeup simple, but her highlighter was insane and her skin looked flawless in the shot. Her brown eyes were piercing, and her lips had just enough gloss on them to make them pop on her gorgeous face.

While the bombshell hasn't shared many pictures from her time in Africa quite yet, she has been keeping her fans updated through her Instagram stories. Recently, she created an Instagram story highlight entitled "Safari Life" in which she has been sharing clips from her time abroad.

She has shared quick videos of animals walking across the land with a breathtaking sunset in the background, as well as groups of animals sauntering through the wilderness together. She has also shared a few snaps, and seems to be enjoying her time on safari with all the animals surrounding her.

Pinkett Smith's fans loved the safari selfie, and the post received over 107,000 likes within just 14 hours, including a like from Lindsay Lohan.

Many of her fans filled the comments section with compliments, and quite a few of her fans from Tanzania came out of the woodwork to comment on the post featuring their home country. And, many simply wished her safe travels while she was out and about in the world.

"Enjoy the Serengeti Safari experience in Tanzania hot mama!" one fan said.

"Beautiful glowing skin!" another fan said.

One fan even gave Pinkett Smith a suggestion on where to go next.

"Love the Serengeti! Are you having a good time? You should visit Ngorongoro Crater."
Pinkett Smith hasn't stated how long she'll be traveling, so fans will have to make sure they're following her on Instagram to ensure they don't miss out on any more safari selfies. Jada also hasn't revealed if her husband, actor Will Smith, was accompanying her on the trip, or whether she was there with a different group.

Either way, her eager followers can't wait to see what's next in her adventures.