August 29, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski's Torrid Topless Photo Flops As Fans Cry Photoshop

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most popular supermodels on Instagram. The gorgeous brunette boasts a whopping 23.99 million fans on her personal profile, with an additional 437,000 people following the model's Inamorata Woman account. Emily set up this account to promote her swimsuit and lingerie label, which she runs and operates herself.

As anyone who regularly follows Emily on Instagram is well aware, her news feed is brimming with very revealing photos that amply showcase her internet-famous curves. And, given that the dark-haired beauty enjoys modeling her own creations in provocative, skin-baring snaps, fans can often see her flaunting her insane body in skimpy bikinis and daring lingerie.

As such, whenever this Instagram babe posts a photo, she inherently attracts a lot of attention. Emily's content typically reels in massive engagement from her legions of admirers, who are always eager to see their favorite supermodel dazzle as she slips into one head-turning outfit after another.

Case in point -- one of her latest updates saw the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model show off her killer curves as she went before the camera wearing nothing but a pair of skintight biker shorts. On Wednesday, the brunette bombshell wowed fans by posing for a torrid topless photo that showed her flashing a copious amount of sideboob.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Emily put all of her best assets on display in the steamy shot. Photographed in a quaint, retro-style kitchen, the 28-year-old hottie censored her buxom curves by turning her back to the camera. The stunning Vogue model struck a sultry pose, seductively arching her back as she leaned against a kitchen counter to show off her perky posterior in the clingy shorts.

As expected, the ultra-racy pic stirred a lot of reaction on Instagram. However, it seems that not everyone took the photo in the spirit in which it was shared. Although plenty of followers appreciated Emily's sexy look, many were critical of the skin-flashing snap – particularly after noticing a tiny detail that had fans thinking the pic was Photoshopped, and badly at that.

Upon a closer look, Emily's topless pic appeared to display a bizarre optic illusion that showed the model's ribs sticking out past her shapely bosom. Some fans interpreted this as a blatant Photoshop mistake and called out the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on allegedly tampering with the shot to make herself look more trim.

"Photoshopped," one person wrote under the sizzling pic, adding a snickering emoji for emphasis.

The comment received 19 likes from Emily's followers, with two people replying to the post in support of the same opinion.

"Her rib is bendable," remarked the first, followed by a face-with-tears-of-joy emoji.

"Yeah… watch her stomach," added the second, trailed by a string of laughing emoji.

These were not the only disparaging comments left under Emily's photo, as others joined in to point out the same disconcerting detail.

"But who tf photoshopped this??" read one message.

"Yikes... your ribs protrude past your breasts. Must be photoshopped," noted another follower.

"I can see your ribs," noted one Instagram user.

While the confusing detail certainly didn't go unnoticed, previous photos shared by Emily appeared to follow in the same aesthetic. For instance, one topless pic posted to the Inamorata Woman Instagram page showcased Emily's protruding rib cage from a different angle, seemingly disproving the Photoshop claims.Fans who want to see more of Emily and her sweltering photos can follow the supermodel on Instagram.