Candace Cameron Bure & Scott Weinger Recreate 'Legendary' 'Full House' Scene On Instagram

Full House fans have been in love with DJ Tanner and Steve Hale's (Candace Cameron Bure, Scott Weinger) relationship since the early 1990s. The adorable duo captured America's heart as their G-rated high school love story played out over several seasons on the ABC sitcom.

Diehard fans of the show may recall when Steve said "I love you" to DJ for the first time as they worked on a homework project together in the 1992 episode "Lovers & Other Tanners." A flustered DJ politely replied back with "Thank you," and the rest is history.

Flash forward nearly 30 years, and Cameron Bure and Weinger have recreated their famous scene while on a break on the set of the Netflix spinoff, Fuller House. In a sweet series of videos posted to the Fuller House leading lady's Instagram, you can see the two stars struggle to remember exactly how the original scene played out until they finally remember their lines. The post also includes a snippet from the original 1992 scene, which has Steve admitting to DJ that she "got" him crazy.

In the new clip, DJ and Steve are very dressed up, in stark contrast to the oversized shirts and jeans they are wearing on the 1990-set version.

Weinger later commented on his TV girlfriend's Instagram post, writing, "You still got me crazy, DJ!"

You can see Cameron Bure's Instagram video of the recreated scene below.

When they shot the original scene in 1992, Cameron Bure and Weinger were just 16-years-old. That same year, the two went on a real-life date, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. The "date" occurred when Weinger asked his TV girlfriend to be his escort for the premiere of Aladdin, the animated Disney film that featured his voice as the title character.

According to TooFab, Cameron Bure was initially "confused" about the invite because she didn't know if it was considered a "date" or not. She later realized that the outing was a real date.

Twenty-seven years after the "Lovers & Other Tanners" legendary "I love you" scene aired on ABC, Cameron Bure and Weinger melted hearts once again when they reprised their former roles as DJ and Steve. For the show's upcoming fifth and final season, fans hope the characters will get married.

Cameron Bure already teased to E! News that there will "definitely" be a wedding in the show's final season.

"We're definitely gonna have a wedding," the Fuller House star said. "I don't know if we'll have one, two, or three weddings, there's gonna be a wedding."

The final season of Fuller House is expected to be available on Netflix later this year.