Model Paulina Porizkova Looks Decades Younger Than 54 As She Shows Off Unreal Bikini Body

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Fans are wondering if Paulina Porizkova may have found the fountain of youth.

The 54-year-old model showed off her incredible bikini body during her vacation to New Orleans, sharing a picture of herself wearing a lime green bikini at the historic bed and breakfast where she stayed during the trip. She showed off her long, lean features in the picture, which also showed off her washboard abs.

Though Paulina has just a hair under 80,000 followers on Instagram — incredibly light for a model of her stature — the Instagram picture drew some major interest this week. The photos of the apparently ageless model went viral, garnering write-ups from The Daily Mail and Yahoo Lifestyle, which both noted the big reaction from fans at the model’s physique.

Paulina also took the chance to share some of her secrets with fans. After one asked how she kept her abs looking so fantastic at age 54-years-old and wondered whether it was just good genetics, Porizkova revealed that it’s actually years of hard work.

“Oh, thank you for noticing! It’s years of Pilates,” she wrote.

While fans may think that Paulina Porizkova has found a fountain of youth, the Czech-born model has recently opened up about dealing with the effects of aging. Paulina opened up on Instagram, revealing that she once felt uncomfortable about the onset of wrinkling and sagging skin, but has since come to learn to love her body — even her neck.

“Let’s talk about necks. Older necks, specifically,” she wrote. “How many of us hate our necks? I hated mine until I saw this photo, published last year in Czech Elle. And here, I sort of love it.”

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And this is partly why I did only a little writing but a lot of reading and swimming. Just look at this garden. It’s the inner courtyard of The Claiborne Mansion, a Bed and Breakfast owned by Cleo, the most energetic and spunky Septunagerian I’ve ever met. She calls herself the caretaker even thought she’s the owner, because she feels that she is taking care of history and passing it on for generations to come. This is where I lived all summer - though the inside is just as lovely. One night, I woke to the piano downstairs gently playing - when there was no one else in the house. I realized this, and it was like a cool breeze just lightly kissing my cheek, and then I went back to sleep, comforted by the sweetness of the music. The ghosts in the Claiborne Mansion are an affable bunch. #claibornemansion #nola #B&B #whatididlastsummer

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Paulina Porizkova is no stranger to showing off on Instagram. Even though the legendary model has a small following, she frequently makes a splash with her revealing photos, including another recent one in which she rocked a barely there black bikini. She joins a group of other models and leading ladies over the age of 50-years-old who regularly get viral attention for their shots, joining actress Halle Berry and Elizabeth Hurley in regularly attracting worldwide media coverage.

British tabloids seem particularly interested in these older beauties, including The Daily Mail, which regularly highlights Paulina’s incredible photos. Paulina’s willingness to open up about her insecurities has also earned praise from her fans, with some of them commenting that they find her an inspiration.

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I honestly believe the simple, small triangle bikini is the best bathing suit for nearly everyone, regardless of size or age or shape. The triangle shape is complimentary to the female body. If made from more substantial fabric, it will hold and lift. It’s small enough not to be in your way when you swim, and your tan lines - if you chose a little sun- are the easiest to blur. And its small size shouts that you’re confident with what you have. I’ll never forget the older women on a French beach, tanned to wrinkled leather, drapey and droopy, but all wearing tiny triangles and sunglasses and bright lipstick. They may not have been conventionally beautiful, but they had more confidence in their wrinkled finger than the 15 year old me in my modest one-piece. The confidence? That’s the part I want. I own probably six or seven bikinis, all simple triangles, and one full bathing-suit I was forced to buy when I had forgotten my bikini and wanted to use a pool at a hotel. (I never used it again).#bikini #trianglebikini #sexyhasnoagelimit #weareallbeautiful

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