Miley Cyrus’ 19-Year-Old Sister Noah Exposes Plenty In ‘Doritos’ Instagram Pic

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Fans seem to have a soft spot for Noah Cyrus. The 19-year-old sister to SHE IS COMING singer Miley Cyrus may still be in her teens, but she’s a fast-rising star in the world of music. Of course, given the little sister status, fans do seem to look upon this girl with a warm feel.

Noah has been proving that she’s got the talent, but she’s also been proving that she harnesses her sister’s feminine-strong attitude. Cleavage-flashing is commonplace on Noah’s social media – thanks to posts that have taken this singer into lingerie or topless territory, it’s fair to say that Noah has inherited some of her sister’s traits.

Earlier today, Noah took to Instagram. The “July” singer appeared to have taken a break from promoting her new music – in fact, she very much seemed out to prove that she wasn’t promoting anything. While a famous snack was featured in the photo, Noah had taken to her caption to confirm that she wasn’t being paid to endorse it.

The singer appeared shot from the chest up in a sunny and outdoor setting. Noah was rocking a long-sleeved top that may have been a dress, but she wasn’t holding back on showing some skin. Her daring and plunging neckline was exposing a lot, with sheer sleeve elements doing the same.

The look was impeccably classy, though. Noah smiled for the camera with a chip in her mouth, plus a stunning direct gaze.

Of course, a food-centric and beautifully-shot update from a rising star will get noticed. Noah’s update had racked up over 63,000 likes in just one hour. The same timeframe brought over 440 fans into the post’s comments section.

With cheeky updates that often show a lot of skin, fans might jump to the conclusion that Noah is either immature or completely void of problems. That is not the case. The star recently took to Instagram with a brave mention of her inner demons – when it comes to powerful captions, this girl definitely delivers.

“Lately my minds [sic] been my enemy. i’ve been in a mental hell. my self-confidence is destroyed. my anxiety and depression feel like they’re crushing me from the inside out. the mornings are the worst.. sometimes it feels almost impossible to get out of my bed… but i’m trying my best to get through this. i’m going through therapy and working hard to make myself happy again….my next single “Lonely” coming in September is so so special.”

Fans wishing to see more Noah — with or without the food — should follow her Instagram.