Dolly Castro Pops Out Of Pink Geometric Bikini That’s Probably Too Small For Her

Dolly CastroInstagram

Dolly Castro is back on the ‘Gram. The Nicaraguan fitness model didn’t take long to slip back into a bikini — with her latest Instagram update, it looks like the star is feeling more confident than ever when it comes to swimwear. Dolly returned to the platform today to showcase her fit frame and ample curves via some swimwear, although there’s no denying that today’s bikini was a little smaller than usual.

Dolly’s photo showed her in what appeared to be a luxurious outdoor fireplace setting. The star had taken to a greenery-backed terrace boasting the kind of open fire that’s seen on a Kardashian terrace – then again, with a Los Angeles, California, geo-tag, the glam feel was fitting.

Dolly was looking absolutely sensational. The brunette was rocking an unusual and mostly pink-colored bikini with fun geometric prints in neon yellow and green, with deep purple and orange hues also visible. The two-piece also seemed a little out of the ordinary because it included a long-sleeved top – for all the swimwear models rocking halterneck or string bikinis, it looks like they’ve met their match with this look. With briefs that showcased Dolly’s super-muscular legs and a top that saw the star’s cleavage pop right out, the bikini was likely ticking boxes for Dolly’s fans.

Instagram appears to have given the update the thumbs-up. Dolly and her multi-color look had racked up over 8,400 likes within just 30 minutes of going live.

With a mention made to affordable clothing brand Pretty Little Thing, Castro was playing the part of an influencer today. The star appears to be successful – Pretty Little Thing doesn’t just pick anyone to collaborate with. While many of Dolly’s updates mention brands, the captions from this model are equally known to inspire fans, as well as tell them a little about the model’s lifestyle. Yesterday, Dolly took to Instagram with a mention of how she preps for activities.

“Today i listened to my favorite podcast @andyfrisella ‘s #TheMFCEOProject. This episode is an amazing one for anyone who is frustrated with some aspect in their life. Whether that’s your business or relationship, Andy talks about that there are two realizations that you probably not acting on but once you do, things will progress positively for you! Take some time out of your day to listen to podcasts, there’s so much free valuable education out there instead of listening to the same music all the time.”

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