Sara Underwood Gets Soaking Wet Under Outdoor Shower

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sara Underwood seems to love being in nature. On Thursday, she updated her Instagram with a photo that showed her enjoying a shower in the great outdoors.

In the snap, the nature lover was standing under an outdoor shower that is attached to the side of her tiny cabin. She wore a snakeskin bathing suit with a plunging neckline that revealed plenty of her cleavage. The suit also featured high-cut legs, which showcased Underwood’s curvy booty. With one hip to the side, she flaunted her sexy curves. Underwood was surrounded by moss-covered trees as the water sprayed over her body. The model’s face was made up with natural tones. With her head tilted and her eye closed, she looked as if she was enjoying the refreshing water.

In the photo’s caption, Underwood said she had been living the glorified camping life since the beginning of the year and was loving it. Fans were loving the photo. It raked in over 35,000 likes within an hour of going live.

Several followers wished they could live out in nature like Underwood, while others were taken with the sexy vibe on the photo.

“You are absolutely gorgeous. God blessed you big time,” one admirer told Underwood.

“Goddess of curves!” said one fan.

“There is literally no one hotter in the world.. I’ve checked,” joked another.

One follower complimented Underwood on the shower and asked her about bugs bothering her while she was using it. Underwood said she had purchased a mosquito net just in case any bugs started to bite her, but added that it had not been an issue.

The shower is attached to the side of a small cabin that Underwood helped build with her boyfriend, Jacob Witzling. The beauty has shared their experiences as they built the cabin, as well as showing off the result of their hard work.

The cabin is one of several that Witzling has designed. The two are currently planning on building more of the unique homes in the Pacific Northwest for a project they are calling Cabinland.

When the couple are not building, they are outside exploring. They have visited such exotic locations as British Columbia and Iceland, and the photos Underwood shares of their adventures are always stunning. Followers can always count on Underwood to post something unexpected and titillating.

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