Kate Gosselin Skips Back-To-School Photo Tradition As Sextuplets Start High School And Twins Head To College


Kate Gosselin has fans questioning why she skipped posting back-to-school photos of her kids this year. The Kate Plus Eight star’s eight kids all have major school milestones this year as 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara start college and 15-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, and Collin start high school.

Fans of the reality TV family flocked to the Gosselin mom’s most recent Instagram post — a photo of a recipe she made on her date with suitor Jeff on TLC’s Kate Plus Date — to question why she skipped her back-to-school tradition.

“No back to school pic?” one fan asked.

“Where are the back to school photos?” another chimed in.

“Post back to school pics! The 6 going to high school we can’t miss that milestone,” a third commenter wrote.

Others noted that the Gosselin kids may have stopped their mom from posting any photos, while another added that two of Kate’s kids, Collin and Hannah, now live with their father Jon, who actually did post a photo of them. A few commenters, clearly not fans of Kate, wrote that she “lost” custody of two of her kids.

“Beautiful pic of Collin & Hanna,” wrote one Instagram commenter. “Hoping the other 6 are doing as well as them. So sad the family is split! These parents were so childish that none of them could co-parent for the well being of their children.”

Last year at this time, Kate posted a photo of the six children that were still living with her as they headed off to their private school in Pennsylvania.

Fans expected to see a similar photo of the sextuplets and at least a snap of Mady and Cara’s dorm room haul.

While Kate has yet to post a back-to-school pic, she has talked about how busy her family’s life would be when her kids were ready to start school. Last month, Kate told People she would have a busy back-to-school week with six kids to attend to.

“Within six days, Mady has to be dropped off, Cara has to be dropped off and the little kids begin their first day of high school,” the Kate Plus Date star said in July.

Kate, who also revealed that twins Mady and Cara would be going to separate colleges, added that, “Keeping straight the deadlines and dates for two different schools is mind-blowing.”

While Kate skipped this year’s back-to-school pic, her ex-husband Jon proudly posted smiley snaps with 15-year-old Collin and Hannah as they embarked on their first day at a public high school near his home, as previously shared by The Inquisitr.

In a photo posted to Instagram, the two teens are posing on the front steps of Gosselin’s house in Pennsylvania. In the caption, Gosselin wrote that he couldn’t “believe” his youngest children were starting high school.

In addition to wishing Hannah and Collin “good luck” on their first day as freshmen, Gosselin wished “all” of his sextuplet kids a wonderful year in high school. The former TLC star didn’t mention his estranged daughters, Mady and Cara, as they begin their first year of college.