Jennifer Lopez Spreads Legs Wearing Stripper Costume In Latest Update

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Actress Jennifer Lopez is busy promoting her film, Hustlers, and on Thursday she updated her Instagram account with a photo from the movie, which shows her character performing.

The pic showed Lopez dressed in a skimpy, sequined costume that hardly covered her. The scene appeared to be in a club. The actress was on a bar on her knees with her legs spread apart. She was surrounded by dollar bills on the bar, and she was clutching more bills to her chest. Plenty of Lopez’s skin was showing as it glowed in the purple lights of the bar. Her long hair fell down over one shoulder and her eyes were closed as if she were relishing the thought of spending the money in her hands. Her skin glistening, Lopez appeared to be fully engrossed playing her character. One onlooker seemed taken with his view as he watched her from behind.

In the caption, Lopez plugged the movie, which hits theaters September 13.

The snap was popular. Within 50 minutes of going live, it raked in over 700,000 likes and more than 7,700 comments.

Fans loved the photo, and many gushed over Lopez’s fabulous figure.

“Omg. I’m married but you are my girl crush I think I would leave my husband for jlo ya’ll,” one fan wrote.

One fan joked that Lopez was a vampire because she never seems to age.

“J lo is one of the hottest women on the planet,” another admirer said.

Many of the singer’s fan couldn’t help but comment on the man who was lucky enough to be seated at the bar behind Lopez.

“The luckiest one. That man at behind,” said one follower.

One admirer said that he wished to be the man sitting behind Lopez.

“The guy in the back looks like he sees gold,” one fan joked.

Hustlers is about a group of strippers who are struggling during the financial crisis that occurred in the early 2000s. The women work to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients who contributed to the crisis, but did not suffer any of the consequences of it. The women somehow work out a way to get even and steal from them, according to movie review website Screen Rant. Lopez plays the group’s ringleader, Ramona, who is a single mother.

The movie is based on a New York magazine article written by Jessica Pressler, published in 2015.

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