Jenna Jameson Flaunts Insane 80-Pound Weight Loss In Tight Swimsuit With New Side-By-Side Photos

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Jenna Jameson’s weight-loss journey is back in the news. The former adult entertainment star famously shed 80 pounds after welcoming baby Batel in 2017. Given the 45-year-old’s latest social media update, it looks like she’s kept the weight off. Jenna has bravely taken to Instagram with a new side-by-side photo showcasing her weight loss, with fans seeing this plucky blonde showing how she looked before she embarked on the keto diet.

Jenna took to Instagram on Wednesday night. The star delivered the side-by-side view that’s already been seen this year, although the right-hand-side snap showing a slimmed-down Jenna was brand new. To the left, fans saw a heavier Jenna rocking a one-piece as she held a smartphone in selfie mode. A quick glance to the right showed Jenna flaunting her new frame in a similar look, but the difference was blindingly obvious. The star’s slimmer legs, whittled-down waistline, and toned arms were looking a million miles from her former self, although fans would likely argue that Jenna is a beauty at any weight. Jenna’s jet-black, tight, and short-sleeved swimsuit was flaunting her fit frame to the max, but this post didn’t just come as an image.

Jenna took to her caption to chronicle the mentioned “intermittent fasting” that she’s been undergoing, and clearly, it’s been working for her.

Jenna’s 80-pound weight loss has proven a major headline maker, with the star’s brave posts making The Daily Mail’s headlines. Perhaps most unique for Jenna is the way in which she’s shared her weight-loss journey. While countless celebrities will don itsy-bitsy outfits to show off their slimmed-down silhouettes, few opt down the side-by-side route.

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Let’s talk jumping back on the wagon after losing control and eating like a crazed banshee. We all do it???????? There are no exceptions. All the health gurus and fitness badasses do it. But how do we get the where with all to begin again? For me, it comes in the form of wanting to feel my best. I know I’m not perfect and my will power isn’t iron clad, but I DO know I will never give up! It’s important to know that no matter how long you fall off, you can always jump back on the horse! It’s ok to feel discouraged, disappointed and down right pissed. Channel that into positivity and know there are so many on this journey right along with you! Love you guys! #beforeandafter #ketotransformation #intermittentfasting #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #ketodiet #keto #youcandoit

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While Jenna will take to the platform to keep fans updated on how great she looks, a little advice can always be expected from Jenna. Earlier this year, the star took to Instagram with mentions of how to stick to the keto lifestyle while dining out.

“Since I’m now just maintaining weight but still eating #keto, when I go out to eat with my family here are some of the things I order… You can NEVER go wrong with steak! Add a sautéed baby broccoli or non starchy veg and you’re golden! Grilled fish is a perfect choice also! Caesar salad (hold the croutons) topped with shrimp is fab! I’ve gotten so good at scanning menus for keto friendly dishes it’s now second nature!”

Clearly, this star knows her stuff. The low-carb and high-fat keto diet may be a controversial one, but it’s popular, with many followers swearing by the results.

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