August 29, 2019
Pornhub Launches Environmental Campaign To Save The World's Oceans

In the eyes of many, Pornhub is nothing more than a website featuring naked people engaging in carnal activities and various acts of the sexual variety. As part of its (SFW) Pornhub Cares initiative, however, the company has ventured into philanthropy, with the aim of using its platform to help our planet and contribute toward aiding environmental causes.

As documented by Quartzy, the pornography giant launched its "The Dirtiest Porn Ever" campaign, which aims to clean up the world's polluted beaches. As part of the operation, the website will produce a video of a pornstar couple having sex on a littered-covered beach, while a team of cleaners pick up the surrounding waste.

Citing a press release statement from vice president Corey Price, Dazed reports that the company is hoping that their campaign will have a positive impact for generations to come.

"We're dirty here at Pornhub, but that doesn't mean our beaches need to be. Ocean pollution has grown to become one of the most significant global issues of our lifetime, and it's only getting worse. That's why it's imperative that we use our platform to raise awareness and inspire change -- not just for the time being but for generations to come."
According to Pornhub Cares, each view of the video will result in a donation being made to Ocean Polymers, a recycling company dedicated to tackling the issue of ocean waste. The Pornhub Cares website also includes information on the problems caused by single-use plastic, as well as tips for those who want to aid in the good fight against ocean pollution and dirty beaches.
This isn't the first time Pornhub has used its influence for the betterment of our planet, either. As noted by The Daily Dot, the website celebrated Arbor Campaign in 2014 with its "Pornhub Gives America Wood" campaign, which involved planting a tree for every 100 videos watched by viewers.

The website's charitable arm is also dedicated to the preservation of honeybees. Per Forbes, the "Beesexual" operation -- which focuses on bee and nature-themed erotica -- has seen the company work with charities to raise funds for conservation efforts that specialize in preserving the declining bee population.

Even if these schemes are all part of a PR stunt to boost the company's public image, the positive outcomes of their charitable causes must be commended. On top of that, viewers who watch their videos are contributing toward saving our planet in their own way as well.