Sasha Obama’s College Choice Finally Revealed

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Many Obama fans had been wondering about the fate of their younger daughter, Sasha. The former first-daughter graduated high school last spring, but decided to keep the choice of her college a secret for the summer. However, with freshman classes right around the corner, it seems as if the new collegiate has been spotted at last — at the prestigious University of Michigan.

According to The Detroit News, the former Washingtonian was spotted attending orientation classes with several secret service members. The paper has also learned that the famous daughter’s first classes begin on Tuesday.

The decision may come as a surprise for many who thought that the recent high school graduate might follow family tradition and enroll in an Ivy League school. Her father, former President Obama, attended Columbia before enrolling in Harvard Law. Her mother, Michelle, is also a graduate of Harvard Law, and spent her undergrad years Princeton. Finally, her sister, Malia, is a current rising junior at the Cambridge university.

However, many are cheering that the new Wolverine is not afraid to chart her own path.

Some students at the University of Michigan have expressed their excitement that the former first daughter is going to be a new member of the student body.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Zach Lassen, a third-year film student, who said that Sasha was acting like a normal student when he ran into her.

“I think it’s cool that even though her family went to Ivy League schools, she decided that UM was the caliber high enough to match that of an Ivy League school,” seconded Jessica Brinser, a sophomore from Washington.

Another sophomore added that Obama’s attendance was “opportunity for all of us.”

Sasha Obama in backpack with dad Barack
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Despite her high profile, many students have said that Sasha has been acting like a normal college student.

“I was walking by pushing a vacuum and she walked out right in front of me,” said Lassen. “I said, ‘Excuse me.’ It was a crowded hallway with her and some Secret Service dudes.”

Another student echoed that Obama was “a normal student to me.”

That said, there have been a few reports that some have been annoyed about the hassle of added security.

Some fans of the younger Obama daughter had speculated that she would be at Ann Arbor in the fall after a social media post attributed to Sasha went viral. In the post, she is with two friends on the UM campus and wrote that she was “so proud to say I’m going to college with my sisters!!”