Emily Simpson Hints At Divorce, Says She And Husband Shane Might As Well ‘Take Separate Roads’

Phillip FaraoneBravo

Is Emily Simpson experiencing marital turmoil with husband Shane Simpson?

In a sneak peek at next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14, Emily is seen greeting Shane, who arrives back home after a 10-day trip, and promptly asking her husband about his day. However, Shane doesn’t seem receptive to Emily at all.

As Emily asks Shane about his bar exam and how he feels, Shane refuses to open up and says that the only thing he’s feeling is “hungry for dinner.”

Shane then says that he doesn’t want to jinx anything and asks Emily how her day was.

“I want to talk about you,” she replies. “I’m asking about you.”

As Shane continues to ask about Emily and her day, and how she’s feeling about her trip, Emily grows frustrated at his deflections.

“Okay, never mind!” Emily says as she gets up to walk away from her husband.

In her cast confessional, Emily tells the cameras that when it comes to her husband and his bar exam, she believes she’s the perfect person for Shane to talk to. After all, she’s an attorney herself. Then, after coming to the conclusion that she and Shane can’t sit and have a conversation with one another about their jobs, Emily makes a grim statement about their future.

“We might as well take separate roads now,” she says.

Emily continues on by suggesting that she was being forced to wonder what was going on in her marriage to Shane if they weren’t more excited to see one another after spending a week and a half apart.

While Emily and Shane eventually sit down with one another, he continues to avoid talking about his career and asks her about her plans for the following day. Then, after asking about Gina Kirschenheiter’s pending court date, and her plans to go get her nails done, Shane suggests that he isn’t appreciated at home as much as he should be.

In his own cast confessional, Shane is asked if he missed his wife during his 10 days away and in response, he bursts out laughing. He also admits that while he doesn’t want to make her mad, he doesn’t want to lie.

“I don’t really cry myself to sleep because I miss my family,” he states.

As the dinner scene continues, Emily again tries to get her husband to open up about his bar exam by questioning him about whether or not he feels that a weight has been lifted. However, her efforts are in vain as he denies her suggestion and continues to make small talk unrelated to what’s been going on in his life.

“I’m just hungry,” he replies.

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