August 29, 2019
Ireland Baldwin Goes Topless & Fans Brace For Parents' Reactions

Ireland Baldwin shared a new Instagram photo today, and it showed her going topless. The photo's received almost 14,000 likes in the first eight hours, and fans are talking up a storm in the comments section.

The model was spotted sitting indoors on the edge of a white couch. There were several decorative pillows on the couch, along with a floor lamp to her right. Behind her, you could see a framed photograph.

Baldwin wore a pair of brown corduroy pants and sat up with her right hand censoring her bare chest. She looked over her left shoulder at the camera and wore her hair down.

There were plenty of fans that left compliments about her good looks.

"You look just like your mom," said a fan, whose comment was echoed by many other people.

"An angel has landed," said another fan.

"Corduroy has been always downplayed. Happy to see your endorsement. Oh, the top is nice too!" exclaimed another follower.

On the other hand, there were also tons of people who predicted that Ireland's parents would stop by with a comment or two, eventually. Unfortunately for Baldwin, both Alec and Kim Basinger have been known to drop by whenever she shares a revealing photo on Instagram.

Obviously, it's not stopping Ireland from posting whatever she wants, but the parents' presence on the model's page is arguably a rare display of parenting on the social media platform.

"Ill take 'which baldwin will flip out for $2000' Alex," joked a follower.

"Hi mom, Hi dad," said another follower, assuming that their eyes were already on the post.

In addition, there were also comments about her tattoos.

"Such lovely skin like your mum. Minus the big tats, sorry its a mum thing," said a fan.

"Love the artwork @irelandbasingerbaldwin, picture on the wall isn't bad either!" said another fan.

"Beautiful..people she is grown and makes her own decisions," stated a follower, who was likely responding to people criticizing Ireland's tattoos or her choice to share this photo.

"A confident woman who isn't ashamed of her body or cares what strangers might think of her is a beautiful gift for the overly sensitive easily offended world," added another follower.

It doesn't look like Ireland's parents have chimed in on the photo at this time. But it's not like this is the first revealing photo she's shared lately, as she posted an Instagram photo yesterday of herself posing on a bed in just a bra and super small shorts.