‘American Horror Story’: Was That Patrick Swayze’s Brother In The Latest Trailer For ‘AHS 1984’?

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a brand new trailer has just dropped for Season 9 of American Horror Story. Based firmly in the 1980s horror genre, the clip is filled with plenty of classic tropes regarding slasher films of that era. However, the appearance towards the very end of the clip of a potential Swayze has gotten fans questioning whether Don Swayze will be appearing in AHS 1984.

During the clip, which gives viewers a wealth of information regarding the upcoming season of American Horror Story, the main group is introduced. Xavier (Cody Fern) convinces a group of aerobics fans to join him for a gig at summer camp. Over the course of the clip, the group is shown as they drive to Camp Redwood and the introduction of the killer, Mr. Jingles. is introduced.

Along with the group being shown around the camp, there is an ominous message given by what appears to be a gas attendant. And, it is this appearance that has fans asking whether or not this character is being played by Don Swayze.

“You’re all going to die,” says the character toward the end of the latest trailer for AHS 1984.

Don Swayze is the brother of Patrick Swayze, who best known for his role as Johnny Castle in the movie Dirty Dancing. Don, also an actor, most recently appeared in Sons of Thunder and Deadwood: The Movie.

So, is this really Don in AHS 1984?

As yet, there has been no official confirmation that Swayze will be appearing in the latest season of American Horror Story. According to Swayze’s Internet Movie Database (IMDb) profile, he is not listed as appearing in Season 9 of American Horror Story — or any previous seasons.

Reality TV World does have Swayze billed as the gas station attendant character when referring to the appearance in the latest clip. The A.V. Club also lists Swayze as appearing in the clip. However, he has not been mentioned by FX or any of the other cast or crew associated with American Horror Story.

This means that fans will likely have to wait until the first episode of AHS 1984 airs in September or news drops from an official outlet regarding Don Swayze’s appearance in Season 9 of AHS.

You can view the most recent trailer for the upcoming season of American Horror Story below.

Season 9 of American Horror Story will premiere on FX on Wednesday, September 18, at 10 p.m. Eastern Time. AHS has also been renewed for a 10th season.