Bikini-Rocking Hannah Palmer Gets Soaking Wet In Pool With Chips & Salsa

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The bikini updates are flowing in steadily from Hannah Palmer. The Maxim model tends not to take to the platform more than once a day – even Hannah’s Instagram Stories tend to be reposts of her permanent images or videos. These may offer a little heads-up about the post or an alternate shot, but this bikini queen rarely offers more.

It looks like Hannah has shared a little something unusual today.

Shortly after taking to Instagram with a professionally-shot bikini snap of herself, Hannah took to the platform’s stories. The photos she shared weren’t glossy or professionally edited and she wasn’t posing either. They also weren’t showing the same bikini seen on the star’s feed.

The first photo showed Hannah shot from the chest up. The blonde was semi-submerged in pool waters, with her head resting against blue mosaic tiles. With one arm held by her head and another stretched out, this snap may well have been a selfie. Then again, a lucky individual might have just been keeping Hannah company. Her strapless black bikini was barely containing the model’s assets, although Hannah was managing the drenched materials just fine. Hannah smiled for the camera and showcased her blue-eyed beauty.

Things turned to food with Hannah’s second photo. Here, Hannah had been shot from behind with what was clearly the same strapless bikini. It appeared that Hannah was wearing a cheeky thong, with a bowl and colorful paper bag also spotted near her. Hannah then mentioned what was going on.

“Chips n salsa,” read the text above the food.

Fans wanting a quick summary of Hannah’s epic bikini photos this summer should pay attention.

With her Bang Energy promotions going strong, Hannah posted a skater girl update while wearing a hot-pink bikini – this photoshoot showed up on Hannah’s feed just recently. While Hannah has posted a few of her own bikini moments that have included strapless white looks and gold-plated nude ones, her standout looks have managed to include swimwear that showed less skin than what the average swimwear model flaunts.

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Intrigue me

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Likely particularly memorable for Hannah’s fans was a photoshoot showing her in a long-sleeved and dark swimsuit this month. While the eye-catching zipper had been lowered to flaunt the model’s cleavage, the one-piece was nowhere near as risque as some of the looks donned by Hannah’s competitors. Then again, this girl could likely rake in the engagement in a pair of sweats.

In short, Hannah seems to have that magic factor. The 845,000 followers subscribing to her account would likely agree. Maxim may not have crowned Hannah as its Cover Girl in 2018, but it looks like this beauty is having the last laugh.

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who else loves gloomy weather ????

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