Ohio’s Lethal Drug Search Back In Focus After Execution

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The focus is bank on Ohio lethal drug search after the execution of Frederick Treesh. The convicted murdered was executed on Wednesday. In 1994 Treesh was convicted of killing Cleveland bookstore security guard Henry Dupree.

Ohio is searching for a new execution drug before a looming the state’s supply of pentobarbital runs out. Frederick Treesh was executed with the strong pentobarbital sedative at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville. Treesh and a co-defendant were also suspects in the shooting death of a Michigan video store owner that occurred three days prior to the Dupree shooting.

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections will deplete its supply of pentobarbital in September. The correctional agency has been searching for an alternative to the drug. Regular versions of pentobarbital is no longer available for purchase because the manufacturer has placed it off limits for use in state executions.

Ohio’s lethal drug search options include attempting to obtain pentobarbital from compounding pharmacies that are legally permitted to make small batches for specified clients. A Richland County man is scheduled for execution in May. He was convicted of raping and fatally beating his girlfriend’s baby girl. The spring Ohio execution will further reduce the amount of pentobarbital on hand to carry out death sentence orders.

Frederick Treesh was the 50th convicted murdered executed in Ohio since death penalty sentences resumed in 1999. Although Treesh’s veins “checked out” before the execution, there was reportedly some difficulty inserting the IVs filled with pentobarbital when carrying out the death sentence. A small amount of blood ran down the convicted murderer’s arm during on IV insertion attempt. It reportedly took several attempts to insert an IV into the inmate’s left arm as well.

Treesh spoke several times while IVs were inserted into his arms, but his comments were inaudible to witnesses. The convicted murderer yawned quickly after the pentobarbital began flowing, then his mouth fell open, and several minutes later he was pronounced dead.

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Last week Ohio Governor John Kasich denied clemency requests for Frederick Treesh. The parole board recommended against clemency prior to the governor’s decision. Treesh’s co-defendant pleaded guilty to avoid a death penalty sentence. Defense attorneys for Treesh claimed he was a cocaine addict who was high on drugs during the Dupree murder.

Prosecutors stated during the trial that Treesh tried to kill others, including police officers, during the pursuit which ultimately led to his arrest. The convict stated he was deeply sorry for killing the Cleveland security guard before the Ohio execution.

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