Dolly Castro Bursts Out Of Electric Blue Sports Bra & Booty Shorts In Laguna Beach

Dolly CastroInstagram

Thing are on the up for Dolly Castro. The Nicaraguan fitness model is making more headlines, racking up more followers, and continuing to prove that she’s Instagram’s unofficial fitness queen. With 6.3 million followers on the platform, the star is fast proving that she may one day hold that status – all Instagram has to do is introduce it. Dolly’s latest update has delivered her signature fit frame, a healthy flashing of cleavage, and a reminder of just how sizzling this stunner looks in a skimpy sports look.

On Wednesday, Dolly updated her account. The star’s Laguna Beach geotag offered a helpful pointer towards her location, with a sunny backdrop of waters and distant greenery appearing to match the mention. Dolly herself was taking up the foreground in full focus – with the background somewhat-blurred behind her, this photo seemed to have delivered the bombshell to best effect.

Dolly was seen posing in a tiny electric-blue sports bra paired with matching booty shorts. The look was ticking boxes for flaunting the star’s insane muscles, with her rock-hard abs making quite an appearance. Dolly may come with muscles galore, but this star is as much loved for her fitness physique as she is her curves. The itty-bitty sports bra wasn’t leaving much to the imagination, although the finish was classy.

Dolly appeared beautifully made-up, with her long brown hair waving in the wind.

The update proved popular in very little time, racking up over 11,000 likes in the space of two hours. Given that Dolly tends to provide motivational captions, it’s of little surprise that her fans respond so well to her posts. The inspirational edge doesn’t manifest in all of the star’s updates, but enough upbeat and positive words have been delivered from Dolly to peg her as a bit of a motivator.

An Instagram update made earlier this month from Dolly offered just that.

“Direction is more important than speed If you’re not happy where you are, change your course. It’s going to take time, it’s going to be uncomfortable, it’s going to be hard but it’s going to be all worth it i promise!” she wrote.

Of course, that post did come with a Fashion Nova mention – update her account in cute outfits she might, but Dolly works hard as a social media influencer. Given the stylish dresses and evening looks seen on the model, it’s of little surprise why her name is increasingly being spoken of in fashion-centric ways.

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