August 28, 2019
Andy Ngo Was Assaulted In Portland Because He Didn't Have Proud Boy Protection, Says Member In Undercover Tape

Willamette Week reports that newly released tapes recorded undercover on a bus that housed members of Proud Boys and American Guard continue to shed light on Portland photojournalist Andy Ngo and his connections to right-wing groups. Ngo claims to use his work to shed light on extremism on the left ⁠— Antifa, in particular. But as The Inquisitr reported, recent reports suggest that his video reporting is selective in its timing and misleadingly edited to create a narrative of conservative victimization.

"Andy Ngo was f**king told that if he wanted protection from the PBs [Proud Boys], he went in with us and he went out with us," said a large man in a Proud Boys shirt of Ngo's June 29 assault at the hands of Antifa.

The tapes also reveal more information about the hammer incident from the August 17 protests of left- and right-wing groups, which was captured on video and widely circulated online. The footage shows an altercation between Antifa and right-wing groups and shows both sides using a hammer at one point⁠, although where the hammer originated is a matter of dispute. Although Ngo's selective footage suggests that it came from Antifa, the newly released tapes suggest it might have belonged to the Proud Boys.

"If I hadn't pulled a knife on 'em, those motherfu**ers would have came right through," said one man on the bus.

"I smacked one of them with a hammer a couple of times."
The tapes continue to shine a light on Ngo's ties to right-wing groups and the violence they allegedly create. While he claims his journalism is intended to show the violence enacted by people on the left, evidence continues to suggest that he is not an impartial player.

"There's an understanding that Patriot Prayer protects him and he protects them," said Ben, who went undercover in Patriot Prayer, per The Portland Mercury.

In a piece for Jacobin Magazine, Arun Gupta paints Ngo as a grifter capitalizing on the era of Donald Trump and the thirst for conservative victimization narratives.

"The incident was an example of a disturbing media model for the Trump era: opportunists using biased reporting, social media, and wild accusations inflame vigilante and digital mobs to target 'enemies' such as the media, Democrats, and left-wing activists," he wrote.

Per The Daily Beast, Ngo recently parted ways with op-ed website Quillette, which recently came under fire for publishing a hoax article that one of the site's editors embellished with their own ideology. Although Quillette Editor-in-Chief Claire Lehmann claims Ngo's departure has nothing to do with the recent video showing him with Patriot Prayer before they attacked Cider Riot bar, the timing is coincidental. However, Lehmann's statement has left many people unconvinced.