‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Kate Bock Hospitalized After Accident With NBA Boyfriend Kevin Love

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images for Child Mind Institute

Sports Illustrated model Kate Bock was hospitalized briefly on Tuesday after an accident that occurred during an adventurous trip in Wyoming with her boyfriend, NBA player Kevin Love. Luckily, Bock seems to be doing fine and she didn’t let her apparent head injury slow her down much.

Love, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, shared some photos detailing what happened via his Instagram page. Kevin and Kate were on a whitewater rafting excursion when some rough rapids seemingly flipped both Kevin and Kate out of the raft. Love shared a series of five photos from the accident, and it looks like he and Bock were all smiles just before the rapids hit.

“Wish I had the video for you—this was a h*ll of a sequence. Not enough weight and the rapids will toss you.”

The Sports Illustrated model documented the incident via a series of Instagram Stories on Wednesday morning as well. Bock explains that she and Love smacked one another’s heads when they fell out of the raft, and she admits they were the only two people who fell during the outing. In fact, it seems that this was the first head injury the rafting company has seen from their clients in 34 years.

After pulling the couple back into the raft, they realized that there was blood on Kate’s hat. The pair headed to the hospital, where Bock apparently needed some staples in her head. It looks as if she wasn’t kept there for long, though.

Luckily, Kate added a photo to her Insta Stories and a post with some updates via her regular Instagram page saying that everybody was fine. In fact, the lovebirds went out for sushi after putting the hospital visit behind them.

As TMZ notes in detailing the incident, neither Kate or Kevin were wearing helmets during their whitewater rafting excursion. They both had on baseball caps, but that didn’t do much to protect Bock’s head as she and Love fell and hit one another.

It looks as if both Kate Bock and Kevin Love are already able to laugh about the situation, even though it was surely a bit terrifying at the moment.

The Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model has been sharing quite a few updates via her social media pages as her vacation in Wyoming plays out. Chances are good that her fans will be anxious to see more and know that she really is doing fine after this whitewater rafting accident.