Kim Kardashian Told She's Gone Too Far In Pink String Bikini So Tiny, It Doesn't Fit Her

Kim Kardashian appears to have raised a few eyebrows. It's been 24 hours since the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram for a little selfie time. The photo of Kim rocking an eye-poppingly-tiny pink string bikini was documented on Tuesday by The Inquisitr, with the report chronicling the 980,000 likes the image clocked in a short, two-hour time frame.

While Kim's update has risen to receive 3.2 million likes, it also appears to have generated some comments telling the 38-year-old that she may have overdone the cleavage display. The comments section of Kim's post may be manifesting the standard outpouring of love that's seen on Kardashian-Jenner Instagram updates, but it's likewise seeing some fans point out the tiny swimwear.

"Uhm put some clothes on," a fan wrote with others agreeing.

"Even Kim's bathing suit top is more conservative," another stated, although they didn't clarify which swimwear snap they were referring to.

"Why does she even bother wearing that top?????" one fan asked.

Admittedly, this was a pretty risqué display. Then again, Kim is known for rocking some of the raciest swimwear around. While the vast majority of such looks are pulled off – and fans may well think that Kim did just this on Tuesday – it looks like a fair few users weren't so sure.

"Your bikinis don't fit," a fan told the star.

"A bit too small," was another comment.

Interestingly, a popular comment also came in regarding the current environmental crisis in the Amazon rainforest.

"How about you use this platform to raise awareness about the Amazon?" a fan asked with over 81 others agreeing.

Kim has seen herself probed for appearing to turn a blind eye to major crises in the past. Earlier this year, the star was slammed for promoting her KKW Beauty fragrance collaboration with sister Kylie Jenner as the U.S. reeled in shock from the mass shootings that swept Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, per The Inquisitr. Once again, the star found herself being told to use her platform "for good."

That said, given that Kim's social media has recently included her work in the world of prison reform, fans might well argue that Kim does use her platform for good.

In terms of backlash on Tuesday's post, though, the majority of it seemed geared towards the teeny tiny bikini.

"This looks like when you were on the beach with Ray J in your famous video lol," one fan said in what could be interpreted as somewhat of a hurtful throwback reference.

Fortunately, Kim did receive plenty of love and praise from the majority of her fans. Those thinking that Kim had taken it too far may wish to check out the "Russian Kim Kardashian," Anastasiya Kvitko. This model definitely seems to push more boundaries than Kim does.