Teenage Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In NYC Via Cross-Atlantic Yacht & Is Greeted By Large Crowds

Greta Thunberg, climate activist speaks at Civil Society for eEUnaissance event on February 21, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.
Maja Hitij / Getty Images

Greta Thunberg reached New York City on Wednesday after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in a zero-carbon emissions sailboat from Plymouth, England, reported The Guardian. The 16-year-old Swedish climate activist will be attending the United Nations Climate Action Summit on zero-emissions taking place in the city.

Since August 2018, the teenager has been a strong voice for climate change activism. She’s taken a stand against the lack of adult and government action to stop climate change. Greta staged a strike outside Sweden’s Parliament building where she attracted the attention of the media and encouraged other young people around the world to do the same. The school strikes gave birth to the “Fridays for future” movement, involving youth climate strikes all over the world.

When Greta attempted to find a way to travel to the U.N. summit without contributing to carbon emissions, she was offered a ride on the Malizia II racing yacht, skippered by Pierre Casiraghi. The 18-meter yacht features solar panels and two hydro-generators to provide the vessel’s electricity.

The young activist has been documenting her journey across the Atlantic on her Twitter page, giving her followers updates on the weather and wind conditions, and sharing her experiences throughout the 15-day trip.

Shortly before dawn on Wednesday, Greta tweeted that the yacht was approaching New York City.

“Land!! The lights of Long Island and New York City ahead.”

The vessel is set to dock at North Cove Marina on the edge of New York Harbor, on Wednesday afternoon. A special convoy consisting of 17 sailboats, each with one of the 17 sustainable development goals written across their sails, will meet Greta’s yacht before it docks, near the Statue of Liberty.

Crowds overtook the streets near the harbor as fans of the teenager eagerly awaited her arrival.

Richard Walser, an IT technician from Connecticut who brought his son to New York City to meet Greta, is a huge admirer of the activist.

“I’ve been following her for the past year or so and am very enthusiastic about what she’s doing, how she’s got young people involved with the striking.”

Xiye Bastida, a 17-year-old student, coordinated her own climate change at her New York City school after being inspired by Greta’s activism.

“She has a moral aspect to her message, that our generation will suffer the most. I hope she will raise the consciousness of climate change in the US – help wake people up.”

Greta will also travel to Chile for another climate change conference following the U.N. summit before heading back to her home country of Sweden.