Man In MAGA Hat Allegedly Attacked At Bar Is Reportedly A 'Troll' That Was 'Looking For A Fight'

As The Inquisitr previously reported, a man wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat, Luke Lenzner, claims that two people attacked him at a Portland bar, Growler's Taproom. Lenzner claims that he chose to wear the hat to get a reaction and said his wife encouraged him to see what kind of treatment he received.

According to Lenzner, he was mobbed by bar patrons when he arrived, and they refused to let him inside. Eventually, Lenzner claims he was "sucker punched." The Portland Police Department confirms that Leopold A. Hauser and Adebisi A. Okuneye were arrested for the alleged assault and Lenzner suffered some injuries.

But The Oregonian reports that earlier in the night, Lenzner was supposedly at a different bar, The Vern, purportedly threatening customers and being confrontational.

According to one of the bar's patrons, Michael Radosevich, Lenzner entered The Vern with a woman. After sitting at the bar and ordering drinks, Lenzner reportedly started scanning the bar and staring down anyone that locked eyes with him.

"He was a big dude and people were starting to feel uncomfortable," Radosevich said.

He also equated wearing a MAGA hat in Portland to wearing KKK robes in a black community, according to The Oregonian report.

"The second I locked eyes with him there was no doubt in my mind he was looking for a fight," he added.

Radosevich captured video footage of Lenzner swearing and pointing at people inside the bar, claiming he was disrespected and touting his military service. During the video, patrons of the bar can be heard telling Lenzner to leave.

"No one wants to fight," Radosevich and at least one other patron are heard yelling before Lenzner leaves the bar.

"It's not adult behavior to go out and troll people," Radosevich said.

"And that's all this was. One giant troll."
The story of Lenzner getting assaulting was pushed on social media by disgraced conservative journalist Andy Ngo. The photojournalist made a career out of purportedly spotlighting the violence on the left, particularly from Antifa. However, The Inquisitr reported that he was recently exposed for his purported ties to Patriot Prayer and for selectively filming violence from Antifa while allegedly keeping his camera off during plans and incidents of right-wing violence.

In a The Portland Mercury report, a man named Ben, who went undercover in Patriot Prayer to expose the group, said that Ngo had an agreement with them.

"There's an understanding that Patriot Prayer protects him and he protects them," he said.