Savanna Rehm Exposes ‘Insta Booty’ In Thong Bikini So Tiny, It’s Outrageous

Savanna RehmInstagram

Savanna Rehm’s Instagram account is definitely NSFW. The self-proclaimed former Queen Rehm may have ditched her regal moniker, but she’s proving that ruling Instagram is still her domain. The model and Bang Energy promoter has taken to the platform for another fierce bikini display, and this one was definitely entering outrageous territory.

Savanna’s photo today showed her soaking up rays from the shallow end of a swimming pool. The model had been photographed kneeling at the water’s edge, with the setting proving further chilled from background lawns and a decorative waterfall structure. Savanna was definitely heating things up, though. The brunette was flaunting her built and peachy rear in what may be the world’s tiniest thong bikini, with her assets definitely taking center stage. The swimwear itself delivered simplicity from a mismatched feel as Rehm’s strapped bikini top was white and the briefs were blue.

Savanna’s muscular frame had been captured to best effect, with fans seeing the star’s strong arms and shoulders as the camera took her in from behind. Also shown were Rehm’s fierce arm, hip, and buttock tattoos, plus her trademark dark hair and glammed-up finish.

A caption from Savanna mentioned the middle of the week, with a variety of hashtags appearing to reflect the image. Rehm being “latina” was mentioned, alongside the snap being from Palm Springs, California, and it being an “insta booty” photo.

Savanna’s update quickly proved popular, racking up over 8,300 likes in the space of one hour. The same time frame brought over 247 fans into the post’s comments section.

Fans following Savanna’s account will likely have spotted that the blue-and-white get-up was donned in an update made by the star in the middle of this month. While this photo proved a similar shot, it came with a cheekier caption. Savanna confirmed that the photo didn’t break any rules, but the tone did seem to suggest that pushing boundaries was the agenda.

Swimwear may dominate this star’s Instagram, but not all updates see Savanna rocking a two-piece. The model will showcase her fierce curves in slinky and stylish dresses, with bright colors appearing to rank highly for her. Also seen are gym updates. With a bodybuilder finish to her frame, it’s of little surprise that Savanna spends a fair amount of time in a workout room.

Savanna’s Instagram bio introduces some impressive magazine credits as Playboy, Maxim, and Fitness Hers are all listed. The model has 2.6 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Rehm should give her account a follow.