Jill Duggar’s Latest Instagram Post & Story Has Fans Scratching Their Heads For This Reason

Jil DuggarInstagram

Fans and followers of Jill Duggar Dillard were left scratching their heads after her latest Instagram post and Story, where she shared a recipe for Butterscotch Brownies with one key missing ingredient and where she revealed a gross “mom problem.”

To begin with, the reality star and wife of Derick Dillard posted a recipe to her family’s official blog for a sweet treat, except that the missing ingredients to make the dessert were the key components for butterscotch!

Jill’s recipe called for olive oil and either coconut or brown sugar for sweetness. To make a traditional butterscotch sauce, the ingredients needed are sugar, corn syrup, butter, and heavy cream. Fans were clueless as to how the former Counting On star could call her recipe post one thing when it was entirely another as she penned, “these are my mom’s favorite brownies, and one of her favorite desserts.”

Fans regularly take the reality star to task over her cooking skills or lack thereof. She regularly uses canned meats and vegetables in her recipes. A Reddit blog listed some of her most talked-about shared recipes, including those for cheese dip, chicken and dumplings, poor man’s pizza and refreshing chicken salad.

Within the post came another revelation — the former reality star shared on her Instagram Story that she allowed her son Isreal to eat gum out of her hair. On Monday, August 26, Jill revealed to her followers that her 4-year-old son had dropped it into her long hair, found it and then, continued eating it.

“When your 4-year-old loses his gum in your hair lol, #momprobs,” Jill said in the first series of Instagram photos, which disappeared from the social media site after 24 hours. In Touch Weekly posted the series of photos.

The next caption read that he was helping her look for it, showing her hair to the camera. The next photo showed Jill announcing they found the gum and finally, the revelation that grossed fans out the most, that Israel was chewing the found gum once again.

Said one fan who commented on the pics, “Wow, did anyone else see Jill’s Instagram Story where Izzy had a piece of gum and it fell into her hair, then she picked it out and she said he started chewing it again?? Why?? What the heck would she even mention that on Instagram? That is DISGUSTING, not to mention why would she allow him to have it again and not throw it out???? Are we sure she is even ok to be a parent???”

Jill is a mother to sons Israel and Samuel and part of the Duggar family, who appears on the TLC series Counting On.